Iraq blocks Jordanian trucks heading to Turkey over Syria concerns

Iraq has refused to allow entry of Jordanian trucks into its territory heading for Turkey over concerns that this would have negative economic effects on the people of Syria, a news report said on Sunday.

Salam Quraishi, an economic adviser to the Iraqi government, told the Jordanian news agency Petra that using Iraq as an alternative route to Turkey is a way to exert pressure on the Syrian regime but added that this will have inevitable consequences on the Syrian people as well, according to web portal

Syria was the preferred trade route between Jordan and Turkey until recently, but both countries now want to use Iraq as an alternative amid an uprising against the Syrian regime. Earlier this month, Jordan asked Iraq to allow Jordanian cargo trucks to pass through its territory to avoid the turbulence in Syria.

Turkey also said this month that it would begin exporting goods to Egypt via sea and overland through Iraq as it seeks to bypass existing trade routes through Syria.

Quraishi was quoted as saying in the report that the issue is more political than economic. He added that Iraq does not want to take part in any “projects that would affect the Syrian economy during this critical stage of Syrian history.”

Source: Sunday’s Zaman

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