Video: IMPORTANT – Man tells Arab League observers about situation in Homs

A brave hero of Homs, Khaled Salah, talks to the heads of the Arab League monitoring mission about the current situation in Baba Amr in Homs.

Khaled says, “The job of the observers is to oversee the implementation of the Arab initiative which stipulates above all stopping the bloodshed. People, however, are still being killed when the observers are here. More than 100 thousand protesters took to the streets in Homs yesterday reassured by the presence of the observers, but 15 people were killed!”

The monitor then says, “You cannot expect what has been going on for months to be reversed overnight! We will be working hard and do our best and we are documenting everything.” He also says, “We will work hard to make dialogue possible.”

Khaled replies, “How can we initiate dialogue when bloodshed is ongoing?!” Khaled also went on to say that said that bread was made available the day before only because the observers were present. He says that the people of Homs have been under siege for months and that they didn’t have bread for over 5 days before the observers came in.

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