Jack Hayden’s Letter to Assad (with Video)

Last week I emailed a video and letter to President
al-Assad of Syria asking him to resign.

Here is my newest video posted on YouTube to “All the Young People of
the World” asking them to join me in helping get al-Assad of Syria to

Please help pressure al-Assad to resign, pressure China and Russia to
remove their UN veto and help the Syrian people live in Peace &


February 7, 2012

To All the Young People of the World,

Hi. My name is Jack Hayden.

I am 14 years old and from Montreal, Canada.

I’m writing to you about what is happening in Syria.

Last week I wrote a letter President al-Assad asking him to step down
and let the people of Syria live in peace.

Since the Syrian uprising he has beaten, jailed, tortured, shot and
killed his own people. More than 7,000 people have died,. All
because they want freedom.

Amongst those people tortured and killed are kids our age.

Even though we are young we have a right to speak up and demand a
change. It is our world also and it should be a place that people can
live in peace and without fear.

I’d like you to join me in speaking up.

Please write an email to the leader of your own country asking them to
remove their embassy from Syria, asking them to put pressure on
al-Assad to resign and asking them to pressure China and Russia to
remove their veto on the UN resolution to have him leave.

We are young but we have the right to live in a peaceful world where
everyone can live without fear.

Please join me!

Citizen of the World

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