‘Morek massacre’ brings today’s death toll to 65

Opposition activists in Syria say 65 people were killed across the nation today, including 11 people murdered in what a rebel organization called a “massacre” in a Hama town called Morek, according to CNN. The Local Coordination Committee of Syria also claimed that demonstrations were held in 18 or more different places, the news broadcaster said.

Human Rights Watch also accused Syrian government forces of using human shields in arrest operations, troop movements, and attacks on towns and villages.

Human Rights Watch said that in the Feb 28 video below, one of two provided to the organization by Raed Fares, an opposition activist from Kafr Nabl, four people in civilian clothes can be seen walking in front of a column of infantry fighting vehicles in what appears to be the outskirts of the town.

CNN said that according to the LCC, 17 people had been killed in Homs province, 17 more in the city of Hama (which includes the town of Morek), 10 in the former rebel stronghold of Idlib, 10 in suburban Damascus, five in Daraa, five in Alepo and one in Hasakeh.

CNN said the reports could not be independently verified but cited the LCC as reporting that the “Morek Massacre” in which 11 died, including five “executed by firing squad.”

According to Reuters, UN envoy Kofi Annan is due in China tomorrow as part of his diplomatic efforts to end the fighting in Syria. China and Russia have vetoed UN Security Council resolutions calling for the government to end its assault on the Syrian public.

Source: Global Post

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