4 people wounded in north during anti-Syria protest

By: Antoine Amrieh

TRIPOLI, Lebanon – Four people were wounded Sunday in the northern coastal city of Tripoli in gunfire during a protest against Syria’s President Bashar Assad.

Anti-Assad protesters shout slogans in support of the Syrian rebels in the northern city of Tripoli. Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Politics/2012/Apr-23/171068-4-people-wounded-in-north-during-anti-syria-protest.ashx?#ixzz1spHc0RRg (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: http://www.dailystar.com.lb)

The incident occurred when an argument broke out between some protesters taking part in a weekly procession against the Syrian regime and guards of Sheikh Bilal Shaaban, the head of the pro-Assad Islamic Tawhid Movement, near his house in Al-Shiraa Square in the Abi Samra neighborhood of Tripoli.

The altercation developed into a fist fight and gunfire, wounding Zakaria Traboulsi, Abdel-Rahman Raad, Khaled Toum and Ali Saad who suffered serious wounds in his face.

The army stepped in and restored order. A similar incident took place in the Qobbeh neighborhood between Assad’s opponents and proponents but left no casualties.

Prime Minister Najib Mikati urged all groups in his hometown of Tripoli to remain calm to preserve the city’s security, his media office said Monday evening.

The statement added that Mikita contacted the Lebanese Army, urging it to preserve stability in the city and prevent the degeneration of any security incidents.
Source: The Daily Star

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