Father forced to watch shabiha rape his daughter in Homs

An April 25, 2012, article in The Telegraph reports the rapes of girls and women from 11 to 46 years old. In one case, a Syrian ex-pat activist describes the rape of a young girl by pro-Assad mercenaries called shabiha.

The woman told The Telegraph that the girl begged, “Please, please – don’t you have sisters? Don’t you have mothers? Just leave me, please not in front of my dad,” as the men strapped her father to a chair and forced him to watch.

The dates of the reported rape are unknown. Because Syrian government officials currently refuse to allow access to journalists, researchers, and aid workers, Women Under Siege cannot independently verify this report of sexualized violence in Syria.

Source: Women Under Siege

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One Response to Father forced to watch shabiha rape his daughter in Homs

  1. Alfredo says:

    This is plain sick. Very heartbreaking for both the girl and the father.

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