Song Of Freedom

By: Omar Ayloush

Freedom begins as ones desire to be free
Plant the seed and watch it grow to be the biggest tree
Dictators and despots are one of the biggest adversaries
They want your freedom in their prison, while they hold the keys


If you don’t stand up now, you’ll always be attached to a ball and chain
A life with no freedom or dignity, is a life lived in vain..

With that being said, I begin my story with a new chapter
The kind not in novels with a happily ever after
A tragic yet hopeful story of one nation’s revolution
The kind which the dictator wishes he controlled the conclusion
It all began when a small town demanded the release of their boys
It was a peaceful protest, but the regime responded differently to the noise
Security forces began firing into the crowd with live ammunition
It seems the President (dictator) already made his decision
A decision many citizens couldn’t believe or envision
How peaceful protestors were shot with such cold blood and precision
The President went on TV to call these protestors “infiltrators”
So he could justify his use of brutal force against these “invaders”
Now anyone demanding freedom and democracy became a legitimate target
No place was safe anymore, not your home, church, hospital or market
Every time we hold a peaceful demonstration
The regime thugs show up without an invitation
Ready to kill and for more desecration
No lives are spared, women raped, men tortured and children decapitated
The regime’s excuse are the terrorists are the ones who aggravated
I realize that their definition of a “terrorist” is anyone who wants democracy
Because in reality, democracy is threat to their autocracy
48 years of a police state regime, no democracy or freedom of speech
The regime stealing our resources and freedoms away like a national leech
You demand for freedom peacefully, you are a “threat to the nation”
You could be looking at arrest, torture, rape, murder or incarceration
A land that once had one of the richest histories and civilization
Is now known in the world as one of the worst human rights destination
Christian, Muslim, Atheist, does not matter, we all belong to the human race
Freedom, democracy and equality for all is what we embrace
How did we let this happen? I heard one person say
That if we ignore our rights, they will go away
We are all born free and the owners of our destiny
You lose that right, when you don’t stand up to tyranny
After 10,000 dead, we are asking, where is the justice?
World watching while civilians are dying, who will stop this?
This regime will not stop until they kill us all, one by one
Until the demand for freedom is done
It may seem we are alone and forsaken
But if you think that, you are sadly mistaken
This story is about the struggle for dignity, for the people of Syria
True story, non-fiction, trying to remove the Assad regime bacteria
From China to Algeria, we’ll be keeping all tyrants living in hysteria
Our struggle for freedom and democracy won’t stop till we’re able to achieve
If we can’t have freedom, then death is what we will gladly receive

Source: The Syrian Sun

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