Stop the killing !

By: Mustafa S

On April 21st, a group of Syrians gathered in front of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA to deliver a clear and sound message to people in the United States – “Stop the Killing”. A flash mob, sponsored by the Syrian Expatriates Organization & the Non-Violence Movement, was organized to convey to the public the true image of Assad’s regime, the image that the regime has been trying to conceal since the blessed Syrian revolution started.

The story began when Rima Dali – a Syrian woman – held up a sign in front of the Syrian Parliament in Damascus with the words: ‘Stop the killing. We want to build a nation for all Syrians’. Assad’s gangs got confused.

They did not know whether her stance was pro or anti the Assad regime. They questioned her to figure out her position, but they ended up even more confused. Her position was “I am Syrian.” Rima was arrested.

However, her message sparked mass support all over the country, reviving and re-inspiring the non-violence movement in Syria. After Rima’s arrest, thousands took to the streets on the very next Friday inspired by her actions. They named that Friday “Stop the Killing. We want to build a country for all Syrians”.

Rima’s message has been successfully and thoroughly delivered to Syrians all over the world. In turn, Syrian expatriates took the message and delivered it to those who are unaware of the non-violent struggle of Syrians against the Assad regime.  The expatriates want to spread the message of non-violence, a message that the Assad regime is against, as an armed rebellion helps the regime convince the international community of its right to defend the country against the alleged “armed gangs”.

The Syrian expatriates’ role is highly important. It is “us” who have to take care of conveying messages coming from inside the country to the international community. These messages have to be delivered in a very cautious way and with a clear intention and purpose that the revolution started peacefully and it will remain that way. We would also like to emphasize that the Assad regime must be held accountable and responsible for the killing that is currently taking place.

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