Video: Child is targeted by Assad snipers in Dael (29-4-2012)

A child is targeted by Assad snipers in the town of Dael in Daraa on April 29, 2012. The man in the video says that it’s no longer enough for Assad forces to shoot at men, now they have to kill defenseless children as well.

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One Response to Video: Child is targeted by Assad snipers in Dael (29-4-2012)

  1. Alfredo says:

    Oh, Lord how painful is to see these images of children crying because they were wounded by snipers.

    Have somebody seen something worse than what we have witnessed in Syria ?

    I have not , even after living day to day the past events that led to the revolution in Libya.

    Bashar and Asma Al Assad must be laughing. We’ll see who celebrates big time at the end of the massacre in Syria.

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