Watson: Syrians crawling through barbed wire to escape

By: Ashley Fantz

On Thursday, CNN correspondent Ivan Watson was at a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey. About 150 feet away, a barbed-wire fence marked the border. For hours, he watched Syrians, whole families even, crawl through a hole in that fence. They had survived a life-or-death journey across the rough terrain that separate the nations, avoiding pro-regime fighters who could have picked them off, to make this final duck and scramble into a peaceful country. They were saving their own lives, knowing that their loves ones still in Syria might not be as fortunate.

A morning cease-fire in Syria appeared to be working. Some were skeptical that it would last. The mood inside the country was still tense as protesters took to the streets.

President Bashar al-Assad has not allowed journalists inside Syria since the uprising to oust him began more than a year ago. But CNN has managed to send reporting teams to Syria despite great risks to their safety. Reporters and photojournalists from news organizations around the globe have been wounded and killed covering clashes between Free Syria rebels who want al-Assad gone and security forces loyal to him. The conflict has been long, complicated and vicious.

Source: CNN

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