LCC: The Assad regime has killed 1122 children since the beginning of the revolution

In commemoration of Hamza Khatib, the child who was supposed to celebrate his 14th birthday today, but he was tortured to death in the cells of the regime, and his body was delivered at 29th of April 2011. While the criminal regime continues with his violations of all human rights agreements, and with the International silence, the regime could steal the lives of 1122 male and female children. This number is what Local Coordination Committees in Syria could document by names which means that a child is martyred every 8 hours.

The biggest number of children martyrs was in Homs where 524 were gone including 266 female children, while Hama came in the 2nd rate as it gave 147 children among them there are 53 females.

In Idlib 103 children were martyred , in Daraa they were also 103 including 28 females, and the same number 103 is documented in Damascus suburbs including 28 females.
Deir Ezzor gave 46 children martyrs as a price for freedom including 8 females, Damascus there were 26 children including 2 females, Latakia they are 16 including 8 females and in Aleppo they are 15 including 4 females.

Source: Local Coordination Committees

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