Video: Violence continues as opposition head resigns

In Syria, even with the resignation of the head of the opposition Syrian National Council, there appears to be no let up in attacks by government forces.

Paris-based leader Burhan Ghalioun has stepped down, following criticism of his leadership of the opposition coalition which operates from Turkey.

Meanwhile, a series of unverified videos purported to show the crackdown continuing in a number of places, including Rastan in the Homs region and villages near Aleppo.

More unverified footage claimed to show the funeral in the southwestern city of Zabadani of a father-of-three said to be killed by the Syrian army.

Some of the UN’s 300 monitors in Syria visited the northern Damascus neighbourhood of Qaboun, where a bomb killed five people the day before.

Observers have also been to the opposition-controlled city of Douma to speak to activists and help with mediation meant to help enforce the April 12 ceasefire agreement.

Source: Euro News

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