Former detainee reports seeing boys tortured and raped

A Human Rights Watch report issued on June 15, 2012, documents cases of sexualized violence in detention and home raids that occurred primarily between March 2011 and March 2012.

“Samih” told HRW that he was detained at the Political Security Branch in Latakia. Children were subjected to worse forms of torture than adults, he said:

“We were 70 to 75 people in a group cell that was three by three meters…. There were 15- and 16-year-old kids in the cell with us, six or seven of them with their fingernails pulled, their faces beaten. They treat the kids even worse than the adults. There is torture, but there is also rape for the boys. We would see them when the guards brought them back to the cell. It’s indescribable. You can’t talk about it. One boy came into the cell bleeding from behind. He couldn’t walk. It was something they just did to the boys. We would cry for them.”

Other cases from the HRW report can be found by searching “HRW” on our crowdmap.

The dates of the reported rapes and assaults are unknown. Because Syrian government officials currently refuse to allow access to journalists, researchers, and aid workers, Women Under Siege cannot independently verify this report of sexualized violence in Syria.

Source: Women Under Siege

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