The Syrian Struggle for existence: Freedom

By: Heba Fesal

I was indecisive about the topic for this article. I did not know what to cover as the massacres and the sacrifices of the Syrian people continue to dazzle the world. Given that I believe words will not do the bravery of Syrians any justice; I decided to choose a general idea and at the end relate it to our revolution.

Why do you want freedom, it is not ganna buy you food or a house or get you a bank account !!

Freedom to Exist. This title, as irrelevant to our reality it may seem, is the very essential pillar in the Syrian revolution. For decades, the regime and its preceding dictatorships planted the seeds of fake social unity of the Syrian fabric. By enrolling children in individual-repressive organizations, like the Baath avant-gardes and later on the Baath youth, the Assad regime put the first block of a feeble cluster of clones called Syria. Everyone’s ideologies, arts, hobbies, books, favorite shows even candy bars should be limited to the same variety allowed only by the regime. Everyone’s idol and hero must be the same. Furthermore, everyone’s dream shall not cross the line drawn by the iron fist of a totalitarian regime. How many children may have wanted to be the president of Syria, a prominent scientist, to even apply those crazy and wild childhood ideas into a big rocket science invention, or a philosophical theory? These wishes never saw the light in Assad’s Syria.

The sources that fuel the Syrian people into revolting may vary from bad living conditions, to injustice, to humiliation. However, each Syrian citizen wants to, simply, be himself/herself. I want to be me; I want to say what I want, criticize what I see wrong, choose my field of education, build my vision of my future,  get support to realize my dream and make my family happy. I don’t want to be no body’s clone or puppet…

The most famous quotes one may hear from fellow demonstrators inside and outside Syria is this one statement ” At first, I couldn’t recognize my own voice chanting against the regime of Assad…It felt different…” Of course it did! We all remember all of these loyalty carnivals and compulsory processions we had to go through in middle and high school to support the one and only historical leader of Syria!

It has been a unique experience that showed the world, and Syrians themselves, the beautiful talents and the superb creativity of people who were suppressed for decades.  From the comic chants of Homs and Daraa to the amazingly wise and witty banners of Kafranbel. This is the Syrian Existence. Now, let’s compare the revolution with those still kissing the shackles of the Assad regime, all their chants and slogans are fake copies, all their banners are dull and carrying the same face of their favorite butcher. All of them have the same rattling and squeaky voices chanting death to the traitors!

In conclusion, while the Syrian people are breaking the traditional and achieving the impossible, some revolutionaries were going a little astray. Some refrain from cooperating with others because they are not “like us”. Others think that that side is less intelligent than us, hence can’t cooperate with them. I am not going to name names of regions, political ideologies or aspirations. I think every person has the right to dream of the Syria that he thinks is best. Most importantly, we all need to dream of a Syria that does not cancel or repress those who are simply not like us, but share with us the same desire to make their Syria the best.

Source: The Syrian Sun 

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