Video: Activist Hadi Alabdullah reports on an unidentified tortured body found in Al-Qusayr

Activist Hadi Alabdullah reports a new crime committed by Assad’s thugs. He addresses a message to all of those who are against sending Bashar Al Assad to the International Criminal Court .

Isn’t it time for the world to say “NO” to what is going on in Syria?! Isn’t it the time for the world to lend a hand to the Syrian people and end the brutal crimes that are being committed by Assad’s militia day after day? Haven’t the Syrian people suffered more than enough from this barbarian regime?! Isn’t it time for them to be punished and overthrown?! The regime’s crimes can’t be counted! Thousands of people have been killed since the beginning of the revolution. Hundreds were tortured aggressively. Dozens were arrested. So many massacres have been committed. Many women were raped. Shelling of peaceful homes by tanks, rockets, and mortar missiles has never stopped. Homes are being robbed and destroyed. The residents are being displaced. Crops are being burnt. All of these inhuman crimes were committed by Bashar Al-Assad and his thugs!! Aren’t such crimes enough to refer Bashar to the International Criminal Court (ICC)?

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