Assad loses control over 60 pct of Syria

Secretary General of the Syrian Turkmen Population said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had lost control over 60 percent of Syria.

Secretary General of the Syrian Turkmen Population, Dr. Muhammad Sheikh Ibrahim, said on Wednesday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had lost control over 60 percent of Syria.

In an exclusive interview with the Anadolu Agency (AA), Dr. Ibrahim stressed that the Assad regime had to end so Syria could get better.

The Assad administration has closed all paths for a political solution and dialogue, Ibrahim stated.

The Assad administration received great support from Russia, China and Iran. As the Syrian opposition, we must not be left alone, Ibrahim indicated.

We want support from the whole world and primarily from Turkey and the Arab world, Ibrahim noted.

We do not demand any support if the Assad regime does not receive support. We believe that the Syrian people are strong enough to overthrow the Assad regime. We know that those people who have rights receive them eventually. If the bloodshed in Syria continues, NATO must intervene in the country. The Assad regime has shut down all paths to political solutions and dialogue. People’s struggle in Syria gets closer to victory every passing day. The Assad regime has lost control over 60 percent of the country. The Assad military forces can not enter 60 percent of the country. A small portion of Syria is now experiencing freedom, Ibrahim said.

-Downing of Turkish military jet-

Touching on the Turkish military jet downed by Syria recently, Dr. Ibrahim said that they were in close touch with relatives in Syria.

We held talks with some of our relatives in the region where the Turkish military jet was downed. They watched the jet fly over the sea and its crash into the sea. If possible, Assad would want to down all Turkish military jets. The Syrian administration wishes for Turkey to attack Syria. They want the war to get bigger so Assad can remain in power for a longer period, Ibrahim stressed.

Calling on the Syrian people, Dr. Ibrahim said that they did not discriminate between the Alevis, Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Turks and Kurds.

Let us unite and be strong. If we act together, victory and freedom is very close, Ibrahim also said.

The Syrian Turkmen Population’s headquarters is in Istanbul. The organization has a branch office in Yayladagi town of the southern province of Hatay.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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