Free Syrian Army discover cache of large missiles

Free Syrian Army brigades have broken into a military base in the Aftrees area that was used by Syrian government forces, the groups claims in an online statement. The resistance fighters say facilities here were used to maintain and modify missiles that have rained on surrounding areas, and also to store artillery and tanks that blast the streets of villages and the outskirts of Damascus.

Amateur footage that could not be independently verified by Al Arabiya shows purported members of the FSA uncovering large stockpiles of powerful missiles.

“Thanks to God, the barracks of Aftrees has been raided by the popular resistance forces, the Eastern Ghouta brigade, in Damascus countryside. The raid on the Aftrees barracks has destroyed tanks. God is great. Breaking into missiles warehouse.”

They say they are surprised to discover modified missiles capable of carrying warheads that harnesses chemical or biological weapons.

“Ten missiles. Oh my God. God is great. A warehouse full of missiles.”

The rebel group documented the operation to show the international community the heavy armaments indiscriminately used by forces loyal to President Bash al-Assad. The Higher Military Council of the FSA stated Assad’s regime is possibly preparing to bombard cities nationwide with such artillery, saying it is likely the regime would resort to using such missiles to stay in power.

In its statement, the resistance group’s military council also pleaded Arab countries and the rest of the international community for immediate intervention to save the civilian lives, before the regime takes another step in its crackdown, implying a disastrous effect on the entire region.

Source: Al-Arabiya

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