Russia, Syria angry at Turkey

ANKARA, Turkey – Russia demanded explanations from Turkey after a Syrian plane traveling from Moscow to Damascus was grounded and cargo seized, a Russian official said.

A Syrian passenger plane which was forced to land sits at Esenboga airport in Ankara. The plane was allowed to leave after a weapons inspection. (Photograph: Andalou Agency/Reuters)

Alexander Lukashevich, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, told the Interfax news agency Thursday his country “insists that the Turkish authorities must explain their conduct regarding the Russian citizens and prevent similar incidents in the future.”

Lukashevich said Russian passengers aboard the plane were denied access to Russian consular officials and weren’t supplied with food.

Syrian Transport Minister Mahmoud Said accused Turkey of air piracy. In an interview on the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar television station Thursday, he declared Turkey’s actions violated civil aviation treaties.

Turkish authorities late Wednesday grounded a Syrian Air A-320 Airbus with 35 passengers on board for about eight hours on suspicion it was carrying military equipment destined for Syria, the Turkish daily Hurriyet Daily News said. Turkish fighter jets escorted the plane to an airport in Ankara, where authorities searched the plane’s cargo.

Some passengers claimed they were beaten by Turkish officials and forced to sign papers indicating the plane made an emergency landing, the newspaper said.

Turkish authorities removed from the plane 12 parcels said to contain communications devices for military purposes, the newspaper said. The Turkish daily Todays Zaman said authorities also discovered components that could be used in missiles.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said solid intelligence had been received suggesting the plane carried illegal cargo in violation of international aviation rules.

Davutoglu said Turkey has said it won’t allow military or cargo planes carrying arms to Syria to use Turkish airspace, the paper said.

Ankara warned Turkish airlines to avoid using Syrian airspace in case of possible retaliation from Damascus, NTV said.

Source: UPI

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2 Responses to Russia, Syria angry at Turkey

  1. Alfredo says:

    Russia is angry ?
    Who cares ?

  2. Alfredo says:

    Well done Turkey government at least your’e showing you have dignity and integrity which so few countries have now a days. I proud of you. Yet, there are many stupid people in Turkey against your actions against Syria. I have been following your news from Turkey and I’ve been noticing how careful you are in your actions.

    I respect that and I thank you for sheltering our brothers and sisters from Syria along with their kids and many orphans.

    Turkey finds the Assad regime repulsive and brutal and is doing something about it.

    Thank You Turkey

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