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This website is dedicated to bringing you fresh news regarding the Syrian revolution around the clock and in English. This movement began in Syria on March 15th of 2011 with the call for the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to reform Syria to a free and democratic state. Assad responded with relentless force, which led to the people’s call for the fall of the regime. Assad’s harsh and brutal crackdown ultimately led the people to call for the president to step down and heed to his people’s will to relinquish his power to allow for a peaceful transition to democracy.

The Syrian people are striving for freedom, regime change, and the establishment of a democratic state. We at mar15.info do not belong to a political, religious, or business group. We do not receive any financial support. We are here for the sole purpose of ensuring that the public is presented with reliable and up-to-date news and information regarding our revolution. We are the Syrian Youth, and this is our message of peace and democracy. We hope that you will join and support us in our pursuit of freedom!

19 Responses to About Us

  1. Bashar Lutfi says:

    Excellent website and fantastic work Layla and your group.
    I and Syria are very proud of all of you.
    Keep up the good work and and God bless you all.

    Bashar Lutfi

  2. ElSaltador says:

    All the best wishes for you guys. May Allaah help you in your struggle for dignity and freedom.

    On a side note,the green band at the top of the Syrian flag should be light green,not deep green. The light green one is the standard type used by most opposition groups,including the Syrian National Council,Free Syrian Army and most demonstrators inside and outside Syria.So was the pre-Baath flag. I think this deep green version you have got from Wikipedia,and this is erroneous. Plz see to this.

    Was salam

  3. Gan Drak says:

    Impressive work.

  4. Excellent work by a group of awesome, hard-working activists. Thank you for all you do for Syria!

  5. Suzanne Kawamleh says:

    Awesome job everyone! This was a great idea and a much-needed resource

  6. Anita Ivankovic says:

    Congratulations guys, finally an excellent site to follow on authentic way the Syrian Revolution. Thanks

  7. Ace Dogg says:

    This is really great work, stay consistent and try spread the word using social media tools.

  8. Sami says:

    These videos should be shown to everyone to see. I felt sick seeing them. How can men be so cruel to other human beings? It is complete savagery.

  9. Debora Cortes says:

    Congratulations for the site. I am in Portugal and I read news this week that the Free Syrian Army is making some progress. I just hope the U.N. resolves to help Syria and that this horror is over soon. Keep strong

  10. Sam Shropshire says:

    My family strongly supports the Syrian people in their struggle for freedom and democracy. We pray that there will be freedom for all Syrian men, women and children, and we pray that the Assad regime will soon be overthrown. May God bless the Syrian people and relieve their suffering. The whole world is watching. ~ Sam, Jana and Janulik Shropshire, Annapolis, Maryland USA

  11. Leslie G. says:

    Is there any way to donate $$$ to help Syrians???

    • m450h3 says:

      sure there is, We have added a donation button that helps get relief into Syria through AVAAZ, and you can donate right from there, thank you

  12. Rafeef Shalaby says:

    Fantastic website!!
    The suggestion to use your calendar for upcoming demonstrations may be very useful to help spread the word.
    Thank you very much for your hard work!!

  13. Lateef says:

    Really nice website. Syria will be free soon inshallah

  14. esma says:

    Everyday we pray for Syria’s freedom (in Turkey). but it kills me that we do nothing else. please tell me sth that’ll help or releive the situation and what can be done from outside of Syria. thanks & maassalama

    • m450h3 says:

      Protest, try to spread the word and to raise awareness, donate money or clothes and of course praying will help out the people in Syria :) thank you.

  15. AD Damascus says:

    You are doing good work. I read you every day

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  17. Westie says:

    IS this ‘site’ in London like the rest of the Free Syria/Al Q seem to operate from?

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