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  1. GreenFreedom1 (Jonas) says:

    #Syria #Strategic Information of a big Russian (Putin) #military #Institut to #Assad (but not only to Assad) in February 2o12 (cont) I hope y read it and take the parts y find usefull to support the Free Syrian Army

    My email is a faked e mail account but the informations are (without the first main line) are orginal

  2. benh says:

    The people of Israel are extremely sadden and wish to help the people of Homs from the bottom of our hearts. We are with you . We must have peace between Syria and Israel.

  3. Paul says:

    We in the U.S. would like to send money and arms to the brave FSA fighters.

  4. don says:

    My heart goes out to all the Syrian people in their struggle against the tyrant Assad. We here in the united states support freedom and liberty for all people everywhere despite their religion or cultural beliefs. We support the freedom fighters in Syria and pray they receive the weapons they need to defend themselves and go on the offensive. I challenge those who are in Assad’s army, defect, don’t kill your own people. Throw out the dictator and free your people. To the freedom fighters, continue your struggle. Train in small groups, make your footprint small so to hide from Assad’s forces. You need to deploy as many sniper cells as possible, as well as tank buster teams. Begin to deploy as many IED’s as you can put together. You must slow the movement of his armor. Snipers strike fear in all troops. Focus on officers. Removing the officers is like cutting the head off the snake. You can’t defeat artillery, bunker down during these periods. Deploy ambush and tank buster teams to small streets and choke points, destroying the lead vehicle in an area like this stops their movement all together until it is cleared. Be sure you have sniper over watches for these ambush sites, they will keep them pinned down. The RPG is a deadly and highly effective weapon, use them, every squad should have them. Focus on stopping the armor vehicles and not necessarily destroying them completely. Once abandoned, turn their weapons against them. You guys can do this, you have heart and are fighting for freedom. My prayers are with you, God speed…….. Freedom or Death!!!!

    • Mark says:

      I’ve re-published don’s comment on Facebook pages as it contained useful tactical suggestions. Inspired by this, Rob Hoeben gave us even more detailed infos on the fighting in countryside and cities:

      Rob Hoeben: Destroy T-72

      The Soviets never fielded enough light infantry to match the quality light infantry of the Mujahideen. The RPG-7 was the Mujahideen weapon of choice and they proved its value as a light-weight killer against Soviet tanks (T72!!!!), armored personnel carriers, trucks and helicopters. The Soviets tried to stay at least 300 meters away from the Mujahideen–out of AK-47 Kalashinikov assault rifle and RPG- 7 moving target range. The Mujahideen, on the other hand, tried to get in close and “hug” the Soviet force to escape Soviet artillery and air strikes while using their RPGs to good effect

      The Mujahideen used the RPG antitank grenades against both vehicles and personnel. The antitank round has a lethal bursting radius of some four meters and can kill with blast and shrapnel. The Mujahideen learned that the best way to destroy a vehicle was to engage it with two or three RPGs simultaneously from a range of 20-50 meters. The chances of hitting the target with a lethal shot are greatly increased by firing a number of shots at close range. Further, the vehicle under attack has less of a chance to react to the attack.

      The rebels in Tadjikistan in 1992 applied this same technique when attacking T-72 tanks equipped with reactive armor. Since they lacked the anti-reactive armor PG-7VR tandem warhead, the first gunner would hit the tank to blow a hole in the reactive armor and the second and third gunner would fire the kill shots at the exposed area. This “double-teaming” also usually took out the tank’s vision blocks, so if the tank survived, it was blind allowing the RPG gunners time to reposition, reload and reengage. Another “trick of the trade” was to throw a fragmentation grenade on the T-72′s front deck to take out the driver’s vision block before the massed RPGs opened up on the tank. The optimum shot for the Tadjik rebels was against the rear section of the T-72 turret.

      The biggest danger to the RPG gunners was infantry accompanying tanks, so they tried to take out tanks that were out of immediate infantry support range. Further, RPG gunners usually were accompanied by supporting snipers and machine gunners and an assistant RPG gunner carrying an assault rifle. These could protect the RPG gunner from enemy infantry. It was absolutely necessary, if the RPG gunners were not firing from prepared positions, that they change firing positions after every shot. This was especially true if they failed to kill their target with the first shot or the target had a supporting vehicle in overwatch. RPG gunners who were caught up in the heat of the moment and stood their ground were quickly killed.(13)

      RPG-7s were especially valuable in executing an ambush. RPG positions were selected with particular care, then dug-in, reinforced and camouflaged. The area behind the firing positions were soaked for two-four meters in depth with water to prevent a tell-tale cloud of dust. The firing position was hidden within local foliage–brush, reeds, corn and tall grasses up to two meters high. It was only necessary to have a clear view of the target and an unimpeded pathway where the grenade could fly without be deflected by twigs and foliage. No matter how well camouflaged and watered-down a position, the launching signature of a RPG is unmistakable. The flash and the whitish blue-grey smoke is a clear giveaway and the surviving RPG gunner is one who quickly shifts positions or dives deep into a hole.

      Rob Hoeben: Chechen forces’ techniques to defeat Russian armored vehicles

      The Chechen forces developed effective techniques to defeat Russian armored vehicles on the streets of a large city. Many of their techniques can be adapted by other armed forces which might fight Russian-manufactured armored vehicles (or other types of armored vehicles) in urban combat. These techniques are:
      Organize anti-tank hunter-killer teams which include a machine gunner and a sniper to protect the anti-tank gunner by suppressing infantry which is accompanying the armored vehicles.
      Select anti-armor ambush areas in sections of the city where buildings restrict and canalize the movement of armored vehicles.
      Lay out the ambush in order to seal off vehicles inside the kill zone.
      Use multiple hunter-killer teams to engage armored vehicles from basements, ground level and from second- or third-floor positions. A problem with the RPG-7 and RPG-18 antitank weapons are the backblast, signature and time lapse between shots. The Chechens solved the time lapse problem by engaging each target simultaneously with five or six anti-tank weapons (obvious requirements for a future anti-armor weapon for urban combat is a low-signature, multi-shot, recoil-attenuated, light-weight weapon which can be fired from inside enclosures. The AT-4 and Javelin do not appear to meet these requirements).
      Engage armored targets from the top, rear and sides. Shots against frontal armor protected by reactive armor only serve to expose the gunner.
      Engage accompanying air-defense guns first.

  5. Mark says:

    Praying is ok, but as the saying goes: ‘Help yourself and Heaven will help you too’. Everybody can put his/her little part to the fight: if you only have spade and shovel, you can put a pile of earth to roads where Assad’s troops carry their supplies toward the beseiged cities. If one can acquire nitrogen-based fertilizer, he can make ANFO bombs ( wherewith he can destroy Assad’s tanks/vehicles, or even infrastructural elements, as a section of a road, a bridge, or electric poles.
    Especially important to cut off public utilities of military barracks and facilities to make an increasing number of deserters.
    You don’t need even a weapon to fight!

  6. Mohamed Adas says:

    This is a call for our great fighters in the free Syrian army. Please deliberate the Falasteen branch in Damascus, Syria, the Assad regime intelligence is arresting many human rights activists and torture them untill they are defected for ever or killed. I cry for you guys one of my relatives was arrested just because I was urging people to boycott the parliament elections. Please do something my brothers. His familiy does not even hear from him anything for more than three days. All they know is he is in branch Falasteen. I call your conscience guys.

  7. Stella says:

    @Benh: at this moment and due to that Assad has threatened with chemical weapons, it is crucial that right next to Turkey, also Israel opens up its borders for the Syrian civilians. The civilians shall flee from the cities towards the border posts of Turkey or Israel because Assad makes no stop in front of using chemical weapons with his own countrymen.
    The civilians should be welcomed, cared for and helped, and should go back to Syria only once Assad is gone…
    Thank you.

  8. chris says:

    Do you know if the FSA is accepting volunteers from the U.S.?

  9. Syrian Case says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Please inform why Syria issued an passport valid for 2 years and how they cab harm me and harm my body and do sexual violence on me in a country like italy via Milano Syria consulate relation to Doumo Cathedral of FreeMasons

  10. Syrian Case says:

    Plese Note that Syria Give also Russian passports and citiizenships for sums between 1000 and 200 USD in Russian Cosnulate in Aleppo Syria.

    Those use Russia gov on people after they made on them sexual familiar crimes and even make that families poor and later give them money by Mafia and catholic Mafia for money laundry.

  11. Sums for Russian Passport are 2000 USD and Bloomberg select those for Social projects like credit crisis or to stool people wealth like UBS to serve the Israel for Syria

  12. Paul Edwards says:

    You might be interested in this:

    Click the photo to read the writing (Syria not Libya) properly.
    The headband says “I love Syria” in Arabic.

    BFN. Paul.

  13. jack hayden says:

    Together We CAN…
    Together We MUST…
    Together We WILL…
    Make Assad LEAVE!!

    Please Join Us!

    Jack Hayden

  14. Ottoman says:

    I’m against Asad puppet, Iran, Russia and also CIA which controls this website like the Libyan mirror.

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