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Syrian Student activist, first interview after detention

Yaman Al Qadery, a former detainee at the Air Force Intelligence Directorate, tells the story of her detention for the first time on the Al Hiwar Channel.  She mentions important details describing the gruesome unethical behavior of State Security forces … Continue reading

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Assad’s ‘ghost gangs’ that haunt Damascus

Derived from the Arabic for “ghost”, the word Shabiha ( Shabeeha) has come to embody the latest repressive twist of Syria’s minority dictatorship. In neighbourhoods such as Moaddemiya, a rebellious suburb near the capital brutality meted out by the Shabiha … Continue reading

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Video: 12-7-2011 Homs Bashar’s Shabeeha Conduct Detaining Operations

A secretly taken video of the Syrian security apparatus detaining activists in the city of Homs.

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Video: Growing army of Syrian rebels fight for freedom

By: Clarissa Ward CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward went undercover in Syria to get a rare look at the revolution. She reports on the growing legions of former soldiers who are joining the rebel movement. DAMASCUS, Syria – President Obama … Continue reading

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Seven soldiers, six civilians dead in Syria

By Douglas Hamilton – Seven Syrian soldiers were killed by army renegades and six civilians were shot dead on Wednesday as regional pressure tightened on President Bashar al-Assad with Turkey imposing tough economic sanctions on Damascus. The conflict, which began … Continue reading

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Video: Hama: Security Forces and Armed Gangs terrorize school children

November 24, 2011: Children in Hama run in fear from Assad’s security forces and armed gangs (Shabeeha) after they attend a demonstration. Assad’s forces are not visible in this shot.

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