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10 Best 777 Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

Looking for some exciting and unique 777 tattoo designs? Find the best 777 tattoo ideas that you can relate with, right here!

777 tattoo designs
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777 tattoos are quite commonly seen in a variety of designs being sported by both men and women.

Unlike the number 444 which means passion and ambition, the meaning of 777 is associated with good luck. Additionally, in Christianity, this number represents the Holy Trinity.

Now that you know the 777 tattoo meaning, you can easily make use of this article to choose a tattoo for you that fits your personality and beliefs. One of the advantages of a 777 tattoo is that it can be inked anywhere on your body and stay in everyone’s view or be hidden.

Please continue to read this article to learn about the different kinds of tattoos associated with this special number.

Simple Handwriting 777 Tattoo

Simple Handwriting 777 Tattoo
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Handwriting tattoos are all the rage these days and a simple yet charming tattoo like this could be all you need to open your luck! As pictured, small tattoos like this one look great on the forearm, or on the wrist.

777 Tattoo With 4 Leaf Clover

777 Tattoo With 4 Leaf Clover
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Mostly, in Irish culture, 4 leaf clover is a symbol of good luck. Hence, a design like this further enhances the 777 tattoo meaning. You can ask your tattoo artist to use light and dark green shades as pictured above or even use this same design in black and white.

777 Tattoo In Words

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If you can read the German language or find it interesting, then why not get your tatto0 in German? In the German language, ‘seven’ is written as ‘sieben’. This tattoo is looking quite simple, yet delicate due to the cursive way in which it’s written. For those adept in Spanish, you can easily turn this into a Mexicano 777 tattoo by replacing the word ‘sieben’ with ‘siete’.

Quirky 777 Tattoo

Quirky 777 Tattoo
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If you are interested in quirky tattoos, then this option is the right one for you! Here, the number 777 is depicted on a slot machine, which is related to the 777 meaning. Are you wondering, why? Well, you can learn that information right here. In slot machines, getting this number means winning the jackpot. Hence, this tattoo is quite self-descriptive with the word ‘lucky’ being inked on top. This is certainly a small yet meaningful design.

Colored 777 Tattoo

Colored 777 Tattoo
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If colored and vibrant 777 tattoos spark your interest, then here is a cool design for you! Once again a slot machine with 777 has been depicted. However, the variety of colors used by the tattoo artist has certainly made the design pop out on the skin.

Outline 777 Tattoo

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Outline tattoos have a charm of their own due to their simplicity. You will find a lot of outline 777 tattoos, but it is difficult to settle for the best design. Here, the number has been outlined using bold black ink, which stands out. A tattoo like this can be inked on your upper arm as pictured or even on your ankle.

Face 777 Tattoo

Face 777 Tattoo
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If you likeface tattoos and want to commit to one, then here is a good choice for you. The number is inked on the side of the face and red ink is used to make the tattoo stand out. You will also notice that the tattoo has been inked quite boldly and hence if you choose to get this tattoo, it will be visible clearly to those around you.

777 Tattoo With Heart

777 Tattoo With Heart
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If you are in search of cute 777 tattoo ideas, then here is a perfect one for you. Out of all things, the heart is surely one of the cutest and most commonly used symbols to get yourself inked with. So, if you combine that with your 777 tattoos as pictured above, it will make for a very adorable design.

Abstract 777 Tattoo

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Abstract designs are not only unique but reflect a kind of artistry that can be moving. In this tattoo, the 777 is inked in a way to mimic how the number 7 would be written in old font styles. However, the shading and overall structure of the numbers give it a kind of abstract appearance. The detailing on this piece is further enhanced by the white ink.

777 Tattoo With Crown

777 Tattoo With Crown
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Want to feel like royalty? A 777 with a crown on top could be just what you need! With the intricate detailing in the crown and the number 777, this tattoo surely stands out. Also, the combination of the crown symbol which reflects strength and triumph, and the number 777 which means good luck, have a powerful meaning together.

Now that you have read this article and have information about what is 777 and the various kinds of 777 tattoos, you can easily get yourself inked with any one of these designs. You can visit a tattoo shop or even throw a tattoo party, where you can invite your friends over, and get 777 tattoos related to one another, together.

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