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65 Ankle Tattoos For Women

Ankle tattoos continue to be trendy and popular for women. While there are many ankle tattoo designs to choose from, the most feminine ideas look cute and sexy. However, given the location and visibility of this type of ink, it’s important for ladies to pick artwork that is meaningful. For inspiration before you get tattooed, we’ve compiled the best ankle tattoos for women to get right now.

Ankle Tattoos for Women - Small Ankle Tattoos

Ankle Tattoo Meanings

One of the best things about ankle tattoos for women is the fact that they can mean absolutely anything. Some women tattoo a loved one’s name on their ankles, and others get ink that represents something they love. Whether it’s a simple symbol, or even a flower, ankle tattoos can hold a deep meaning to their owner.

Flower Ankle Tattoo - Name Tattoo

Ankle tattoos can be simple line art, or they can be intricate detailed works of art. For example, a detailed lotus flower tattoo or the outline of a butterfly ankle tattoo. They can be cute and sweet, sexy and fun, or any combination you wish for.

Fine Line Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Pros and Cons of Ankle Tattoos

Before you set out to get your cute ankle tattoos, it’s important to keep the pros and cons in mind. One of the biggest benefits associated with ankle tattoos is that they are easy enough to cover, especially if they are dainty, making them incredibly discreet.

Ankle Tattoo - Tattoo for Women - Wave Tattoo

Professional women who want tattoos but who don’t want their clients or customers to see them often choose their ankles as the canvases. Ankle tattoos are also typically small, which makes them affordable and quick to get.

Anchor Tattoo on Ankle

The cons are few, but they do exist. If you tend to wear socks and closed shoes, it’s important to remember that this is not a good idea during the healing process. It’s best to avoid anything pressing up against your skin until your ankle tattoo has healed completely.

Sun Moon and Stars Tattoo - Tiny Ankle Tattoo

Also, depending on how ankle tattoos are situated, they can be more painful than tattoos on other parts of your body. If your tattoo will go over your ankle bone, for example, this can sting – but no matter what you may have heard, it is bearable, and it is over very quickly.

Large Ankle Tattoo - Detailed Rose Tattoo

Getting Your Ankle Tattooed

There are a few tips to keep in mind before setting out to appointments for ankle tattoos, too. These little tricks will make things much simpler for you and for your tattoo artist, as well.

Don’t wear socks or boots. If you do, bring sandals or a flip-flop for your tattooed side. You will not be able to wear socks or boots over a fresh ankle tattoo.

Watercolor Hummingbird Ankle Tattoo

Buy a good healing ointment. Though many people recommend the typical OTC ointments that are available, some contain petroleum, and they may also contain ingredients that can pull the ink from your skin. Instead, check out this salve made by Ora’s Amazing Herbal company.

Have an idea of what you want. Though you don’t have to have an exact image ready to go, having at least an idea of what you want will help your tattoo artist better help you. His or her time is limited, too, so give as much info as you can if you want him or her to make suggestions.

Small Ankle Tattoos - Dragon Tattoos

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Anklets were a hit in the 90’s and they are making a comeback. If you love the look of your anklet jewelry, why not make it permanent with an ankle bracelet tattoo.

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo - Star Tattoos

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo - Feather Tattoo - Ankle Foot Tattoo

Ankle Bracelet Tattoo - Wrap Around Ankle Tattoo

Lotus Flower Ankle Bracelet Tattoo for Women

Natural Ankle Bracelet Tattoo - Flower Anklet

Small Ankle Tattoos

Having a small ankle tattoo allows you to show off your work of art, while allowing the option to be discreet if needed. Just because you have a tiny tattoo does not mean you have to sacrifice detail, meaning, or color. See below for some amazing small ankle tattoos.

Flower Ankle Tattoo - Watercolor Flower Tattoo

Binary Ankle Tattoo

Cross Ankle Tattoo - Ankle Tattoos for Women

Small Ankle Tattoo - Moon Phases Tattoo

Rose ankle tattoos are always a favorite as you can incorporate as much or little detail as you would like as well as incorporating your favorite color.

Rose Ankle Tattoo

Pink Rose Ankle Tattoo

Flower Ankle Tattoo - Small Tattoos for Women

Panda Ankle Tattoo - Cute Ankle Tattoo Design

Small Ankle Anchor Tattoo

Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoo - Ankle Tattoo - Heart Tattoo

New York Tattoo - Small Ankle Tattoo - Word Tattoo

Best Ankle Tattoos

The best ankle tattoos start with a cute design and use color, size, and styling to bring the artwork to life. Your tattoo can go on the front, back, inside, or outside of your ankle, and may even wrap around your leg, shin or foot.

Quote Ankle Tattoo

Similarly, your ankle piece can be small and simple or large, creative and artistic. Given the canvas size of your ankle, foot and leg, this area can accommodate beautiful designs. Explore these pretty ankle tattoo designs to find artwork that is special to you!

Black Detailed Flower Ankle Tattoos for Women

Ankle Tattoos - Beautiful Tattoo for Women

Ankle Tattoo - Mountain Tattoos

Classic Mermaid Tattoo - Ankle Tattoos

Detailed Ankle Tattoo - Flower Ankle Tattoo

Elephant Tattoo - Elephant Ankle Tattoos

Flamingo Ankle Tattoo

Matching Ankle Tattoos

Black Cat Ankle Tattoo - Flower Ankle Tattoo Design

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo - Ankle Foot Tattoos

Disney Ankle Tattoos

Aftercare for your Ankle Tattoo

When you get your tattoo the most important thing is to take care of it during it’s healing process. Make sure you time your tattoo as you will need to stay out of water for at least two weeks to allow the tattoo to heal. Also, be prepared for some pain and swelling at your tattoo location. Below are some of your top products to help in your healing process.

Flower Ankle Tattoo - Tattoos for Women

Russian Doll Tattoo - Ankle Tattoos

Heart Tattoo on Ankle

Cross Ankle Tattoo - Tiny Ankle Tattoo

Unique Ankle Tattoos

Small Ankle Tattoo Design

Mermaid Tattoos - Ankle Foot Tattoos

Castle Ankle Tattoo

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo - Small Tattoos

Ankle Tattoos for Women - Delicate Heart Tattoo

Ankle Tattoos for Women - Tree Tattoos

Cute Ankle Tattoos - Elegant Flower Tattoo

Pineapple Tattoo - Back of Ankle Tattoo

Semicolon Tattoo - Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Small Ankle Tattoo - Heart Tattoo - Semicolon Tattoo

Small Ankle Tattoos - Small Disney Tattoo

Small Ankle Tattoos - Lotus Flower Tattoo

Heart Tattoo on Ankle - Inner Ankle Tattoo

Flower Ankle Tattoos

Palm Tree Tattoo Ankle - Small Ankle Tattoo


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