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50 Cute Arm Tattoo Designs for Women

Arm Tattoo Designs for Women

If you’ve been going to and fro about whether or not to get a tattoo, let me assure you that it’s a completely normal reaction. Getting a body art is quite a big deal. The arm tattoo designs you pick are going to be with you for the rest of your life, so take your time and think long and hard about whether or not you should get one.

And if you have already decided to get one but are not sure about the design, then let us help you out. The important thing to understand is that tattoo designs for women should reflect who you are as a person. And when I say who you are as a person, I am talking about your sense of self. Your likes and dislikes may change in a few years. Change is the only constant in a person’s life. So make sure your tattoo designs are not something superficial that you may end up regretting.


We have got for you some beautiful arm tattoo designs for women. These are done on the arms, but you can get them done anywhere you wish. Make sure that if your tattoo designs are big, to choose a larger area for canvasing the entire picture beautifully.

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1. Fiercely Independent Soul

Such a simple yet sweet design. The design can be interpreted in a number of ways. It can be said that the birds represent freedom, or hope, or are symbolic of life’s journey. How you interpret it depends on your personal understanding of the design and what it means to you. The women tattoo designs of small birds flying can be done either one at a time or all at once depending on how to you able to handle the pain.

Womens Birds Tattoo Design

2. Aim

These designs of arrows are done in a tribal/Aztec pattern. Couple tattoos are a thing now among partners to show their love and affection among each other.

Arrow Tattoo Designs for Girls

3. Minimalist Meanings

The artist has created a faded out effect. Clean lines and minimalism are the main focus. Of course you need to find a tattoo artist who can actually do the faded out effect. Good luck with that, it is not gonna be easy.

Faded Tattoo Design

4. Tri-Angle Your Life

Minimalism is taken to another level with this design. These arm designs are arresting. Just that small triangle on both the arms is all it takes to create a unique piece of art.

Small Triangle Tattoo Design

5. Words That Have A Place In Your Heart

You can get a word, phrase or a quote that you love tattooed onto your arm. Try having them done in unique places and different angles. Here are some interesting ideas.

Women Tattoo Designs

6. Flower Power

Of course flowers are ever popular arm tattoo designs. You can either go in for a colour tattoo or keep it black and white.

Tattoo Design for Women

7. Cold Shoulder

Half sleeve tattoos cover the entire upper arm and look like a sleeve covering the skin, hence the name. These are definitely not for the faint hearted.

Half Sleeve Tattoos Designs for Girls

8. Arm Band Tattoos

This design wraps around the arm much like an arm band. Tattoo designs for women are endless.

Beautiful Tattoo Design for Women

9. Dreamy Luck

A dream catcher design for those free spirits who love to dream, who live in a world of their own, sailing through life like as if they’re floating in air.

Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

10. Sassy Hands

A full sleeve tattoo. It actually looks like a painted fabric draped over the arm.

Full Sleeve Tattoo Design

11. Owl Howl

The owl looks really striking.

Owl Tattoo Design

12. Never Back Down

A phoenix to signify a second chance or to signify the rise from a fall.

Phoenix Tattoo Design

13. Stairway To Endless Love

A cute cherub kid. Could signify a good luck in love.

Cute Cherub Kid Tattoo Design

14. Colours Infusion

Of course you cannot ignore the peacock in the tattoo. With its vivid colour, it translates excellently into a tattoo. But this is not for everyone. Some people might find it too vibrant for their liking.

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Butterfly and peacock tattoos are most famous among women and young girls.

Peacock Arm Tattoos Design

15. Aztec Tattoo

Graphic geometric patterns and tribal designs make for excellent tattoos.

Graphic Geometric Patterns Tattoo Design

16. Delicacy Overpowers

A feather tattoo. A little whimsical, a little dreamy. This is one of the most common arm tattoo designs for girls.

Feather Tattoo Design for Women


17. Two In A Million Tattoo

The placement is right at the centre of the arm where your arm bends. This armbands tattoo design can also be done on the back. This is a very intricately done tattoo design that needs a fine hand to create.

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Armbands Tattoo Design

18. One In A Million Tattoo

While the previous tattoo was on the inner side, this is on the outer side. It covers the elbow and arm.

Elbow Tattoos Ideas

19. Colour Splash

Is it a volcano, or a sea storm, or is it mars? This one looks livid in its colours.

Sea Storm Tatoos Ideas

20. Significant

Elephant tattoo looks great. But if you are planning to get an animal design, make sure they mean something to you. You cannot just get random animals tattooed onto your skin.

Animal Tattoo Design

21. Pine Your Way Through Life

A pine tree that looks so fragile and yet so alive at the same time.

Pine Tree Tattoo Design

22. Family Love

A design that shows your love for your family is always enchanting.

Tattoo Looks Adorable

23. Screaming Sexy

The fours slashes look like a wild animal clawed at her. Very intense, the artist has conveyed the significance through four small lines.

Minimalist Tattoo Design

24. Deep And Small

A very feminine floral design. Apart from flowers, women butterfly tattoo designs are also very feminine and look extremely cute when done on the nape of the neck, shoulders, back, at the ankle, and so on.

Women Floral Design Tattoo

25. Classy First Tattoo

This tattoo is badass as well as classy, looking stylish all the way.

Upper Arm Tattoos

26. Of Dreams

Tattoos are having to tell the world who we are without us speaking a word for ourselves. This tattoo does the job efficiently I suppose.

Arm Tattoo Woman

27. The Wanderer

Unleash the wanderer in you, explore more.

Travel Watercolor Plane Tattoo

28. Mandala Tattoo

This colorful mandala on your arm ha a secret behind its beauty and enchantment.

Mandala Tattoos

29. Lace Sleeve Tattoo

This extremely fashionable tattoo that doesn’t require full sleeves outfits to bring in the sexy!

Lace Sleeve Tattoos for Women

30. Express, Not Impress

This tattoo signifies writings that you love, the writings you believe in.

Best Arm Tattoos

31. Peace and Beauty

A beautiful landscape signifies peace and pleasant feelings. To stay away from the hustle of negative vibes.

Tattoo Designs

32. Love for The Ocean?

See this mermaid themed tattoo, that signifies love for water and everything within.

Arm Tattos

33. An Unusual Bouquet

This bouquet is out to impress any lady, in order to get this on her arm. Combining natural beauty with an art twist, this is an ideal choice.

Arm Flower Tattoos

34. Your Lavender Dream

This is the pick of any girl who wants to get a tattoo but something not too flamboyant. It defines a delicate soul with a rebellious attitude.

Lavender Tattoo

35. Electrifying Blue

This intense blue colored floral tattoo is the best on outlook, when it comes to floral tattoos. Grabbing all attention, it is a delight for all fans of this colour.

Floral Tattoo

36. Bracelet Tattoo

Ever thought of such a classy bracelet? Be unique, and get this delicate tulip bracelet tattoo.

Bracelet tattoo

37. White Ink Tattoos

This is a perception tattoo, as some people perceive white as all things good and beautiful. So if you are one of those, go ahead.

White Ink Tattoos

38. Directional Life

This compass is not ordinary but has been tattooed with a beautiful vibe and represents your direction in life. Life can never be directionless.

Womens Tattoos

39. Foxy Life

This geometric fox has so much depth to the design on the first sight itself. Who wouldn’t love this?

Cool Arm Tattoos

40. Sky and Sea Meet

This abstract tattoo of a sky and sea tells us that there is no limit, we can go from being nothing to everything.

upper arm tattoos

41.Ferocious Leader

Tiger tattoos are common. What makes this beautiful curated tattoo any different? See for yourself.

Female Arm Tattoos Designs

42.Role Model Tattoo

Each one of us have different role models, it can be a celebrity, an industrialist or even our parents. So tattoo your role model on your arm, and be inspired each moment.

Arm Tattoo Womans

43.Over The Moon

Get a pretty tattoo that you can obsess over.

Small Arm Tattoos

44. Of Patterns

This design might take a bit of accuracy and time. The end result is trippy and just what you’d love.

Arm Tattoo Womens

45. Roman Dates

Have you ever thought of getting an important date tattooed? Why not do it the roman way?

Roman numeral tattoo designs

46. A Twisted Escape

For all you people seeking closure and those deep thinkers. This is something you’ll can relate to.

Girls Arm Tattoo

47. Free Spirit

A free spirit tattoo to lift your spirits higher.

Spirit Tattoo

48. Highway To Heaven

Angel wings to make you feel like a guardian is always at your side.

Wings Tattoo

49. Abstract

Abstract tattoos of all things you find lovely and love. An arm of things you love, wow.

Abstract Tattoos

50. Tune In

The “Play and Stop” tattoo to tune your life. Know your limits.


Be wise while you choose your arm tattoo designs.

Images Source: pinterest

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