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In intimate places tattoo In intimate places tattoo design, idea, image

Women’s intimate tattoos were popular long before our era . For example, in the fourth millennium BC residents of Mesopotamia adorned his chest the sun , moon and stars , on the abdomen depicted floral designs , as depicted below “house of the king .” Such intimate tattoos were almost indispensable adornment of the female body .The subjects contemporary intimate tattoo is very diverse and depends on the goals he wants to reach the woman . The intimate artistic tattoo designs do not always have an erotic character. The intimacy of the place probably due to the location of the picture : on the chest , abdomen , buttocks , pubic area , and below the waist .For each of the fairer sex this tattoo carries a special meaning .

Intimate tattoos for girls are usually symbolize individuality, uniqueness , purity and femininity. Flower theme in such cases, the most relevant. Often the flowers are selected by the sign of the horoscope . Aries recommended violet, calves – Daisy ,twins – hawthorn, cancers – oak leaves , lions – holly , virgins – hazel branches , scales – bindweed , scorpions – hop flowers , musketeers – chrysanthemum , Capricorn – holly , Aquarius – snowdrop , fish – Primrose .

But intimate tattoo for women most often are used to spice up relationships , intrigue ,diversify sexual relations .

Not every woman chooses erotic drawings . Such subjects are much more popular among men . But tattoos on intimate parts of a woman doing often.

The main themes for tattoos on the chest are the flowers – a symbol of tenderness and beauty . It argued that the tattoo on his chest dangerous. But actually,in the absence of pathology , this tattoo does not threaten . The only thing to consider – this is age-related changes . It is not recommended to do a tattoo on the nipple , they are usually framed patterns of flowers or ornaments .

Intimate pubic tattoos are erotic or symbolic. In addition to the colors are very popular with butterflies and cats ,scorpions .

More recently, the image of the butterfly – considered the distinctive sign of the prostitutes . But now that tattoo art becomes more artistic sense , many of the characters and images regained ancestral values ​​that give them our ancestors . The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth , freedom , beauty and mar15.infoerent people butterfly allocated with the best qualities associated with the human soul , immortality .

Scorpio in Japan as a symbol of courage , combined with flower – loyalty, love , long married life .

Cats embody grace , sexy, unpredictable and self-sufficiency.

Wild cats symbolize courage,power , freedom.

Erotic drawings of cats gives sense of mystery of this animal . In the cultures of many peoples cats were considered sacred animals , and endowed with magical powers .

With the development of realism in tattoo art, images become popular portraits and photographs. As an intimate tattoos for girlsbeloved photo is symbolic – a sign of fidelity and everlasting love . Most often, this is an original gift for men . Although , for intimate tattoos , photo does not quite fit in connection with the physiological characteristics .

Doing tattooed on intimate places ,you can forget about prejudices – because this kind of jewelry is absolutely not intended for prying eyes . Here you can realize all their imagination and desire.

In intimate places tattoo designs and images

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