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Top 83 Best Knight Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Take a trip back in the 700s in the Middle Ages, you’ll discover the first knights fighting for Charlemagne, or King of the Franks as they once called it. On top of each horse you’ll find more than just a solider ready to protect the king at all costs..

There’s also fifty plus pounds of plated armor along with its hefty price tag.

It’s a good reason why only wealthy nobles that could afford to become a knight the in first place.

However, aside from scoring loot from ransacked towns and lands from Charlemagne, there is a much deeper aspect to knighthood. Aside, from the knights who actually paid off the king with “shield money” in order to avoid fighting of course.

I’m talking about the standard of professional ethics, Chivalry. Knights were more than just brave in battle, they were loyal, devoted, honorable, and firm believers in gentle politeness and courtly manners. Respect garnished wasn’t entirely from nobility alone, a man’s actions as while serving as a knight truly defined his true power.

Now, without going into too much detail, I’d like to tell you about the order of the knights. Perhaps, you’ve heard of them, these are the three most popular below.

The Knights Templar: Famously acclaimed fighters during the Crusades dating back to the 1100s. Aside from being established on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, there are two important things to know. The first, their signature white mantles bared red crosses. And the second; during the Battle of Montgisard, they defeated 26,000 Muslim soldiers with only 500 Knights of the Templar. Now, aside from never retreating in combat, these knights also charged first with fearless.

The Knights Hospitaller: Founded a tad earlier than the military order above, they also fought during the Crusades, though were established in 1023. While protecting the Holy Land they wore black with a white cross. Bravery, aside they were charitable and of good will fighting to defend the weak and poor pilgrims.

The Teutonic Knights: These German knights were once from the Hospitaller military order, yet still wore the same garments of clothing. A short while after the Crusades they began to take over Prussia, and their power was near unstoppable until they met their end by the Polish in the 1410 Battle of Tannenberg.

Of course, there are more orders like the one founded by King Edward III of England, which remains one of the highest orders in the U.K. for knighthood.

With that said, I’d like to share with you a collection of masculine and honorable ideas with these top 80 best knight tattoo designs for men. You’ll find everything from knights riding on horseback fighting off dragons to cool plated armor on the shoulders and arms.

As you look at these tattoo styles, just keep in mind all the meanings behind the knight, and you’ll surely appreciate the art just a little bit more.

3d Infantry Knight Guys Tattoos Of Armor

3d Knight Armor Shoulder Plate Tattoo For Men

Amazing Plated Mail Knight Male Tattoos

This is an excellent color design that captures the intimidating visage of a knight, with sword drawn, ready to battle. The artist’s application of color is consistent and well saturated creating a sense of depth in this tattoo that gives the impression the warrior is about to walk out of the picture. The use of oranges and yellows at the bottom of the image and on either side of the knight gives the impression of a scorched battlefield and at the same time increases contrast and lets the darker tones in the knight’s garb stand out. The light tones used to create highlights in the armor and sword completes this interesting ode to these noble warriors.

Arm Knight Cavalryman Tattoos For Men

Arm Knighthood Tattoos For Men

Arm Knight Mens Tattoo Cover Up

Back Knight Tattoo For Men In Black Ink

This is an incredible, full-back piece that uses black and gray ink to create an intricate scene that could be straight from the Canterbury Tales. The level of detail in this piece is impressive; from the creatures lurking in the background to the different layers of the knight’s armor, the meticulous nature of the artist’s work is on full display in this tattoo. Also impressive in this piece is the technique used. The fine line hatching that is utilized here is painstaking, and the size and scope of this design make the consistency in the application even more extraordinary. The overall effect achieved gives the tattoo the impression of being a hand-etched lithograph which perfectly fits the medieval subject matter.

Back Red Winged Knight Tattoo For Males

Bicep Knights Templar Cross Tattoo For Men

Black Knight Tattoo For Men With Green Kilt

Chest Maltese Knight Tattoo For Males

Color Knight Horse Riding Tattoo For Men On Leg Thigh

Cool Knight With Shield And Hemet Tattoo On Man

Here is another design that uses black and gray ink to depict an intricate medieval scene. In this piece, the artist uses a more traditional shading technique to capture this battle scene, complete with a castle tower, shields, swords and even a trebuchet siege weapon. The gradation of tones in this piece is great, using subtle variations to create the different design elements and negative space for highlights. A loose feel in the design is an interesting choice and gives this piece the impression of a charcoal drawing, which is completed with the black and gray shading. On the chest is a larger knight that utilizes the same style and completes this interesting tattoo.

Creative Knights Hospitaller Tattoo For Men

This is an interesting design that takes an illustrative approach that is reminiscent of pop art and comic books. The colors here are expertly applied, fully saturated and perfectly capturing the smooth texture in the armor as well as the varied tones of the shadows and highlights in the knight’s face. Also impressive in this piece is the precise and consistent fine line work in the helmet’s plume as well as in the knight’s beard and mustache. The piece is framed by jagged orange shapes that evoke scenes from golden era comic books and are completed with drop shadows that add depth to this piece and give it the impression of jumping up, off the skin.

Crusade Knight Tattoo Designs For Men On Upper Arm

English Knight Tattoo For Guys On Back Of Leg

Forearm Chivalry Knight Tattoo Themes For Men

Forearms Knight Sword And Shield Mens Tattoo

These complementary black and gray pieces are great examples of how the knight’s iconic equipment can make for excellent tattoos. First off, the placement is excellent: the two pieces are perfectly centered, and since the sword is longer than the shield, the artist chose to have their tips line up on the wrist which helps balance the different sized tattoos. The stipple shading in this piece is also impressive thanks to the excellent variation in tones—from almost fully saturated black, all the way to negative space highlights—that the artist is able to achieve with this meticulous and time-consuming technique. These pieces are clean and expertly applied, demonstrating that sometimes simple is best when it comes to tattoos.

Full Back Knight Tattoo For Men

Guys Order Of Saint Lazarus Knight Tattoos With Lion

Guy With Coat Of Arms Knight Tattoo Sleeve

Half Sleeve Medieval Knight Tattoo For Men

Inner Forearm Male Old English Tattoos Of Knights

Knight Hand Armor Holding Sword Mens Tattoo

Knight Helmet Tattoo Men On Bicep

Knight Helmet Tattoo On Mens Arm

Knight On Horse Tattoo For Males On Forearm

Knight Quote Tattoo For Men

Knight Riding Horse Back Tattoo For Males

Knight Sword Male Tattoo Designs On Ribs

Knight Tattoos On Stomach For Men

Knight With Arrows In Back Tattoo For Men

Knight With Sword Tattoo Designs For Men

Knight With Sword Tattoo For Men

Leg Knight Fighting Dragon Tattoo For Men

Leg Knight Tattoo With Ball And Chain On Men

Leg Sleeve Knight Templar Tattoos For Men

Leg Sleeve Mens Knight Tattoo Designs

Livery Collar Knight Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Male Honorable Knight Mens Tattoos

Male Knight In Battle Tattoo In Color

Male Middle Ages Knight Tattoos Full Sleeve

Male With Heraldy Knight Tattoos On Arm

Man With Heroic Knight Themed Tattoos On Leg Calf

Medieval Knight Tattoos For Men Half Sleeve

Mens Arm Knights Templar Tattoo

Mens Armor Knight Tattoo On Upper Arm

Mens Knights Templar Tattoo Designs On Shoulder

Mens Knights Templar Tattoos With Flag

Mens Knight Tattoos With Dragons And Fire

Mens Outline Knight Crest Tattoo On Chest

Mens Sleeve Dark Knight Tattoo

Mens Upper Arm Woods Knight Armor Tattoo

Noble Knight Tattoos For Men On Bicep

Nobleman Knight Tattoo Designs For Men On Forearm

Orange Arm Angel Knight Tattoo For Men

Outer Forearm Medieval Knight Tattoo Designs For Guys

Plate Armour Knight Mens Tattoos

Realistic Knight With Shield And Hemet Tattoo On Man On Arm

Red Banneret Knight Tattoo Ideas For Men

Renaissance Knight Tattoos For Guys

Renaissance Knight Themed Tattoos For Men

Royal Knight Tattoo Inspiration For Guys

Shield Knight Tattoo For Men On Arm

Silver Steel Knight Armor Shoulder Tattoo For Men

Simple Guys Military Knight Tattoos On Shoulder

Sleeve Death Knight Tattoo For Men

Sleeve Knight In Shinning Armour Tattoo On Man

Small Black Knight Tattoos For Men

Small Holy Sepulchre Knight Tattoos On Men

Small Knight Wearing Body Armour Mens Tattoo

Templar Knights Tattoo For Men

Templar Knights Tattoos For Men With Dragon On Chest And Arm

Templar Knight Tattoo Designs For Males On Chest

Templar Knight Tattoos Sleeve For Males

Thigh Coat Armoy Knighthood Tattoos On Gentleman

Upper Arm Medieval Knights Tattoos For Men

Waving Flag Knight Templar Tattoo For Men

Wrist Mens Templar Knight Tattoo

Knight Tattoo FAQ’s

What does a knight tattoo mean?

In the Middle Ages, a knight was a warrior, most adept on horseback, that served a king or lord and was often paid for their services in land or gold. As time progressed, however, these hired guns became associated with the traits of honor, chivalry and courtly behavior that we relate them within modern times.

Most knight tattoos are representations of these noble traits and the wearer’s willingness to defend them. Knights are also excellent subjects for tattoos thanks to some of the iconic equipment they used, notably shields and armor, which translate well into tattoos. Armor and shields are common elements in these designs and can serve as symbolic protection from the hardships faced in life. The incorporation of swords can make these tattoos more aggressive and highlight different personality traits and aspects of the life of the wearer. Whatever the symbolism behind a knight tattoo, there is no denying that these ancient warriors make for eye-catching designs.

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