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Top 37 Calf Band Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Band tattoos are bold, epic, and simple. The band does not have to have meaning; some people just wear it because it looks awesome.

The band tattoo could be traced back to bands that were worn to represent mourning. It was worn when someone passed on, but tattoos have taken that idea to a whole new level. Some wear the leg band tattoo to show that mourning for their loved one will never cease.

Others wear a band representing the death of a relationship they felt was important, while some men wear it because a chapter of their lives just ended, and this band is a reminder of that.

The band can also represent a strong bond that cannot be broken, or it might suit a rebel who only answers to his own set of values and morals. In short, the band is versatile, which is the reason why many are attracted to its sleek look.

The band is also an undeniably stylish tattoo that could blend well with any style. There are not many tattoos that can grow with the wearer, but the leg band tattoo can. It can be worn with shorts or when you are riding the waves. It can be worn with a polo shirt and khakis, or it can be worn with ripped up jeans for days that call for a hipster-like style.

Clearly, there are reasons why men are turning to the simple leg band design.

Awesome Leg Band Tribal Tattoos For Guys

The thick black etching against flowing negative space alt line work makes this lower leg tattoo striking. The black work is fresh, solid and eye catching.

Awesome Mens Ocean Wave Leg Band Tattoo

These tribal wave leg bands were done fully in fat black ink, locking tight against the neg space between waves. The work is simple, but done solidly.

Awesome Mens Tribal Leg Band Tattoo

This is a cool lower leg band. The lines are sharp and stark against skin, The patterns mesh well with each other across a series of different shapes. The artist does an excellent job containing each shape and concept with borders and frames to work within in a variety of complementary ways.

Black Ink Simple Band Mens Leg Tattoo Designs

One of the most simple contrasts you could have – fat line skinny line – but well done. There’s the exact right amount of space between each band, the heal is perfect, and it looks solid.

Blackwork Mens Solid Black Ink Leg Band Tattoo

This is a very cool, thick black band. Not a lot to describe to but it’s well colored, scaled, and placed on the lower leg to form an effective piece of body art.

Curved Lines Mens Leg Band Tattoo Design Ideas

This is an awesome minimalist take on the leg band tattoo. Overlapping and crisscrossing a hundred small bands into one creates such a cool piece of art. It’s like strands of pasta, or bunch of rubber bands found in stationary drawers and junk cupboards.

Dotwork Guys Lower Leg Band Tattoo Ideas

This lower leg bands incorporates a cool effect by forming up from isolated dots into a black wall. The dot work is thorough and technically sharp.

Dotwork Letter V Mens Leg Band Tattoo

Another dotwork piece requiring painstaking effort and concentration. The dots are well done but could have used sharp black outline to define a clearer border. Using elemental symbolism with the paired triangles at the shin bone is a unique interpretation that looks crisp.

Dragon Eating Tail Guys Pattern Leg Band Tattoo

Cool old school style tribal leg band. Love the clearly defined Azteca snake eating its tail and wicker patterning. The freelance feel of the whole tattoo is a nice effect.

Gentleman With Simple Leg Band Tattoos

Another wicked interpretation of leg band tattoo by placing the two sets as far away from away from each other as possible. Like the slight differences between each band to look stronger against the leg section they were tattooed on.

Guys Polynesian Leg Band Tattoo Designs

Wow. This is a funky new school take on Polynesian tribal. The traditional – spear tip pattern, waves, crisp black line work – has been augmented by sweet individual additions such as the Superman logo and boxing gloves.

Guy With Cool Leg Tribal Band Polynesian Tattoo

The patterns on this leg band are well etched in black line. The hatches and stripes work in concert against the negative space to form a clear series of weave type effects. The bands are almost clipped together at mid shin by clever triangular teeth.

Hawaiian Guys Tribal Leg Band Tattoos

Hawaiian Masculine Guys Leg Band Tattoo Design Ideas

Leg Band Floral Mens Tattoo Design Ideas

Leg Band Hawaiian Turtle Guys Tribal Tattoos

Lower Leg Band Guys Symbols Tattoo Designs

This is cool. It’s a minimalist take on a symbol band that relies on crisp line work to match the shapes together into complementary patterns. The artist has shown a clever eye for spacing.

Masculine Leg Band Polynesian Tattoos For Gentlemen

Mens Leg Band Ammo Bullets Tattoos

This is an original. Love the almost graffiti style bullets forming into a unique leg black filler in behind is a useful touch to restrain the casings into a more clearly defined line.

Mens Leg Band City Skyline Tattoo Designs

Wicked series of skylines building into a multi-layered leg band. There’s excellent use of background shading to create individual effects for each series of images. The cloud work of the top most sky is extremely cool.

Mens Leg Band Tattoo With Egyptian Symbol Design

A nicely drawn black Egyptian band. It’s minimalist in style – opting for negative space instead of fill shading in neat contrast to the thick black of the symbols.

Mens Pattern Tribal Leg Band Tattoos

Mens Polynesian Leg Tattoo Band

Mens Red And Black Ink Symbols Leg Band Tattoo

Wow. This is wicked. Love the use of hexagons with individual patterns inside. They balance up well into the more uniform beehive pattern. The use of a single red splash of color within one segment stands out so clearly against amidst clean black in the rest of the art. This is an epic tattoo.

Nature Landscape Of Beach Mens Leg Band Tattoos

Such a cool image. It’s the tattoo version of painters using an edge of the small trowel when creating landscapes by dashes and dots. The almost single horizon uses good technique to create the leg band effect but still allow the sun higher still for better balance in piece.

Negative Space Pattern Male Band Tattoo On Leg

Ornate Male Leg Band Tattoos

Paint Brush Struke Artistic Guys Leg Band Tattoo

Pattern Male Leg Band Polynesian Tribal Tattoo Ideas

Polynesian Male Leg Band Tattoo Ideas

Semper Fi Mens Military Leg Band Tattoo With Negative Space Design

Star With Forest Of Trees Leg Band Tattoos For Men

Traditional Leg Band Hawaiian Tribal Mens Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Male Leg Band Tattoo Ideas

Two Bands In Black Ink Mens Leg Tattoo Designs

Two Black Ink Lines Guys Leg Band Tattoo Ideas

Two Black Ink Lines Mens Simple Small Leg Band Tattoo

Unique Mens Leg Band Mountain With Clouds Tattoo Designs

This is an excellent abstract 3D style leg band. The artist had created a sense of space in the mountain range through clever shadow and outline combination, then purposely allowed the main peak to rear up above the bordering cloud edge. It’s great technique, aided by the clean cloud effects of dot work and neg space to give it unusual texture.

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