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Top 57 Name Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

For a truly classic approach to ink, nothing can compare with the streamlined symbolism of name tattoos. These personally compelling text-based icons are the absolute definition of suave.

Name tattoos are today’s most vital declarations of a personal connection to someone else.

Modern romance has been redefined by the inception of these innovative emblems.

These lofty masterpieces are extraordinarily valiant and impressively divine, and part of the 50+ best tattoo ideas list. They showcase the zenith of dedication with minimal spatial requirements.

Of course, the font is an integral element of any name tattoo, so the typeface should be carefully deliberated. Cursive calligraphy is often considered to be the most romantic, but some guys simply prefer to keep it plain. Remember, you want to pick a format that will appeal to the person being honored without compromising your own personal sense of style.

Commitment is especially important with name tattoos, so make sure that your relationship is solid before immortalizing it with ink. Wives and girlfriends are the most common subjects of this kind of body art, so keep this in mind: If there is ever a falling out between you and your lady, the ink may inadvertently serve as a deterrent to future partnerships.

Despite the small disclaimer, these creations are still number one. Behold the might of name tattoos with our extensive arrangement of rousing options below!

Name Tattoo Ideas

Aura Cool Mens Script Upper Chest Tattoo Name

Name tattoos on chest or over the heart are reserved for the most special people in your life and are an extremely popular tattoo concept. This is a beautiful example of a child’s name done in large, flowing script. This work would have been implemented using a single needle to get the crisp, clear effect from the lettering.

Awesome Mens Name Chest Tattoo With Chasidy Word

This tattoo uses almost graffiti style font to honor the man’s three daughters. It’s unique, as far as name tattoos go, because of the interestingly rendered ‘C’ to start Chasidy, Chloe, and Chayla’s names.

Black Ink Alexandra Name Inner Arm Tattoo On Guy

The beautifully wrought A in Alexandra gives this tattoo a degree of classical style hard to achieve. The artist has done a brilliant job of keeping this piece clean and elegant – it flows effortlessly across the inside forearm.

Blake Mens Ornate Name Tattoo On Arm

This tattoo of Blake mixes graffiti found in the Chicano style with a measure of Polynesian tribal. It’s large and bold, using the letters of the name for shading rather than the flourishes around the name as you’d usually expect.

Children Name Tattoo For Men On Inner Arm

A tattoo on the inner upper arm tends to be a good place for people looking to get words inked into their skin as it’s a good space to get a squarely rendered, well balanced set of words. This example again uses a nice, flowing script to pay homage to this man’s three daughters.

Chinese Lettering Name Mens Upper Back Tattoo Ideas

This is a nicely executed calligraphy style tattoo using a Chinese font. The letters been made to look realistic by creating the impression the word has been painted on with a horsehair brush instead of needle.

Cool Mens Jacob Name Outer Forearm Tattoo Design Ideas

This is a modern take on Polynesian style, done with gun and needle rather than spike and chisel. This piece travels effortlessly across the skin, with the color gradients creating a consistent pattern through the entire artwork.

Creative Guys Rope Payton Name Forearm Tattoo

This name tattoo is unique and refreshing. Here the rope motif spells out the name Payton boldly along the man’s inner forearm.

Cursive Male Black Ink Name Arm Tattoo Designs

Cursive Nicholas Name Mens Ornate Upper Chest Word Tattoo

This Nicholas tattoo utilizes an unusual font to good effect. There’s symmetry in the piece that the bordering highlights at the bottom employ well to form balance in the name.

Decorative Font Mens Name Rib Cage Side Tattoo

This family name tattoo should be a source of great pride. Firstly, getting tagged down the ribs would’ve hurt plenty, and over a good deal of time. Second, the cursive font is handled exquisitely, especially the flow from silver-gray at the top of the wording down to the dark gray at the bottom.

Fancy Lettering Male Cursive Name Tattoo On Arm

Fancy Male Name Chest Tattoo With Black Ink

Footprints Cursive Guys Unique Name Tattoo Ideas

This commemorative tattoo mixes some sharp lettering with the child’s footprint to create the full image honoring his son Lorenzo. This type of work is a mainstay in name tattoos given that society has become much more accepting of ink.

Gentleman With Decorative Black Ink Name Rib Cage Side Cursive Tattoo

This version of Alex is beautifully worked. It’s a testament to the artist that all the flowing cursive meshes well together instead of becoming overwrought and hard to understand. The small amount of dotwork in the tattoo is a nice, unique touch.

Guys Kristy Rose Flower Name Inner Arm Bicep Tattoo

Bold, graffiti style tattoos are great when done with a bit of style. This version of Kristy is that way – it creates the name from the part of the piece that isn’t tattooed and translates onto the skin effectively in the rose work comprising the rest of the art.

Guy With Fish Name Tattoo

Such a well-drawn piece of imagery. The use of the names Jack and Alice to form such an extraordinary fish image is quite unique. Using a single gauge needle to make a crisp, concise tone of black ink adds to the structure of the work that may have been lost with a more traditional use of shadow.

Guy With Lettering Name Outer Forearm Tattoo

Handwritten Name Font Tattoo For Guys On Inner Forearms

This is a sublime use of font to create a standout inner forearm name tattoo. The sharp black line-work works perfectly with the style of font to render the names as if they’ve been drawn on lazily with a calligraphy pen.

Heart Banner Mens Old School Name Chest Tattoos

A chest piece utilizing great traditional tattoo elements is always class. This tattoo uses the old school font with the classic heart of black to make a beautiful, balanced honorific artwork.

Heartbeat Mens Birthdate Of Child Name Tattoo On Upper Chest

Tattoos that incorporate things such as heartbeat readings, ECGs, decibels, amps and things that end in gram are generally very cool. Doing this style tattoo with your child’s name and DOB is next level cool, especially with the Ming Jing font looking like it’s come straight from a top fashion label and placed onto Dad’s skin.

Heart Shape Name Mens Small Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Heart With Negative Space Name Male Forearm Tattoos

A different, but still exceptionally delivered version of the black heart tattoo mixed with no tattoo to form the word. This piece looks simple, but is difficult to execute due to its overall solidity and need for painstaking accuracy in forming the words.

Inner Arm Small Guys Name Tattoo

Inner Forearm Bold Black Ink Guys Name Tattoos

This is a bold inner forearm piece. The heavy black of the lettering would’ve taken a heavy gauge needle to create, but when finished looks clean yet fearsome. The incisive, flowing cursive script is reminiscent of the Turkish written word (see chest tattoo), especially that deftly flourishing ‘l.’

Inner Forearm Names Mens Tattoos

Japanese Male Name Back Tattoos

Asian calligraphy lends itself to tattoo art because of its intrinsic beauty and flow. One thing to consider however, is making sure the script is absolutely 100% correct in translation before inking it into your skin- there have been many instances where the translation has been inaccurate or picked poorly and ruining the concept completely, or instead given you a part of the local Cantonese takeaway menu.

Kodac Mens Ornate Script Name Back Tattoo

Emblazoning your family name across your back in traditional script is a common rite of passage for Polynesian men. This tattoo exemplifies that tradition – rich script in large letters flowing across his broad back, with shading and other flourishes adding style and depth to the overall image.

Luna Small Simple Guys Name Rib Cage Side Tattoo

Lynn Name Tattoo Ideas For Guys On Inner Forearm

This small inner forearm tattoo is a funky take on the popular style of cursive. The twin ‘n’ to finish the name Lynn are unique, and well-drawn. The flowing highlights both above and below the name provide balance and depth to the total image.

Male With Ashton Name Forearm Tattoo

Male With Negative Space Robert Name Outer Forearm Tattoo

This is a unique take on the negative space tattoo. The piece features a unique style of shading to create an inky gray for the words Robert Daniel to be carved out of. The tattoo is reminiscent of writing names in sand with your family at the beach and waiting for the tide to catch the letters.

Man With Charlie Name Outer Forearm Tattoo

Charlie here is a big and bold outer forearm tattoo. The artist expertly uses white ink to create highlights within the words. The first C is a cool, interesting character.

Man With Negative Space Black Ink Armband Name Tattoo

Taking a traditional banding tattoo using solid color and then creating a name tattoo from it using negative space creates a vivid piece of art. By using the non-tattooed skin here amongst solidity of blue/black the names are given quite an emphatic cast.

Mattia Outer Forearm Cursive Guys Name Tattoos

This tattoo features a cursive style not dissimilar to which you’d find in your school texts as a kid. You would have to be able to replicate the free flowing, well put together running writing in order to pass the test needed to get your pen license and use a biro rather than a pencil.

Max Shaded Name Bicep Tattoo On Male

Inside bicep text for this brilliant piece that looks like a mix between using a fat sharpie and graffiti. The thick black text is a great effect emboldened by the highlights through the middle that give it a slightly shiny look and break up the one-dimensional coloring.

Mens Banner Name Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Designs

This piece features the Chicano style cursive text used popularly in effects wardrobes for Hollywood gangsters.

Mens Benjamin Name Negative Space Lettering Script Tattoo

Mens Handprint Juliana Name Upper Chest Tattoos

Another fine execution of the newly born child tattoo. The artist has created a crisp, clean piece of text in Juliana Camilia, with the little lady’s handprint inked in nicely just above the wording.

Mens Name With Arrows Chest Tattoo

This name tattoo utilizes some minimalistic principles of the full arrows in addition to flowing cursive script of each child’s name. It’s an understated and unique tattoo featuring sharp use of clean line work to create the finished product.

Mens Small Name Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas

The positioning of these tattoos just under the clavicle bones are the highlights of this man’s commemoration of his sons Miguel and Liam. While inked in an awkward position they well drawn hollow script creates an excellent effect across the rest of his untattooed skin.

Modern Mens Lettering Name Tattoo On Forearm

This inside forearm tattoo uses a heavy shading technique to give the piece a graffiti effect while the dark shading helps the artwork blend in with the other worded tattoos alongside.

Negative Space Word Name Mens Outer Forearm Tattoo

Rather than have the words in a flat, heavy gray tone this tattoo uses the negative, clean space to form the words then inks around it. The highlights are done in almost a graffiti thickness of line.

Ornate Mens Alex Name Tattoo On Chest

Outer Hand Name Tattoos For Guys

This is cute – the name Zahra is tattooed simply along the edge of the hand between palm and top. This area can be a tricky place to get inked but has been done effectively by the artist on this occasion, who hasn’t tried to do it and instead used a relatively simple cursive script.

Pine Tree Forest Name Wrist Tattoo For Men With Negative Space Design

This wrist tattoo is extremely cool, using great attention to detail to create the forest theming in conjunction with the negative space that makes the name stand out.

Pippa Mens Name Leg Calf Tattoos

Another tattoo using Polynesian methods, this work opts for a slightly more narrows script and limits the shading to create a nice bit of art.

Red And Black Ink Guys Name Inner Forearm Tattoo

Ring Finger Mens Rachel Name Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is a nice, minimalist take on the increasingly popular wedding band genre. It’s a very small piece of cursive text that has been inked in with precision in place of where a wedding ring would traditionally go.

Roman Numerals Guys Name Chest Tattoos

This is a big and bold chest tattoo utilizing the entire chest to make a strong, archaic lettering script. The shading work uses great amounts of detail inside the letters to help it stand out, while there are some simple highlights on offer to aid the roman numerals connection to the rest of the work.

Rose Flower Mens Full Sleeve Name Tattoo With Banner Design

Rose Flower Unique Name Mens Chest Tattoos

Script Name Charlotte Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Male Name Tattoo On Outer Forearm

Shoulder Male Allison Name Tattoo With Black Ink Design

Unique Name Chest Tattoos For Men

William Mens Memorial Name Forearm Tattoos

Name Tattoo FAQs

How much is a tattoo of a name?

Just like any other tattoos name tattoos are dependent on the size of the work as well as the skill and renown of the artist undertaking the piece you’ve chosen to etch permanently into skin.

A small name in simple Times New Roman font could be done quickly and cost as little as $100, while a full, commemorative family name done on your back in Polynesian tribal style may cost as much as $1500-$2000 and take ten hours to complete.

Most charges come by the hour – less experienced artists charge $75 – $100 per hour, while studio top dogs prices reach as much as $500 for an hour’s work. Having a clear understanding of your artist’s hourly rate and an expected length of time to take to complete your written piece is the best way to gauge the potential cost.

Are name tattoos bad luck?

Name tattoos are some of the most popular and sentimental bits of ink any man can opt for. They are not inherently bad luck – quite the contrary. When you think about your children, loved ones, or even the remembrance of deceased people special to you written tattoos are immensely important, and are well worth the permanent commitment.

Where men tend to have issues with luck and the written word tattoo comes under the umbrella of relationships. Statistically, tattoos most engendering regret from their subjects lie within relationships that have ended.

Laser tattoo removal is gaining traction but can be very expensive. Most requests start with lovers’ names needing to be removed. This is also the case for many cover up tattoos, which can be tricky to execute and often need the services of expert tattoo artists to undertake to satisfaction.

It’s highly recommended to take the cautious approach and stick only to absolutes – kids, parents, family and football team – when choosing to get a name tattoo.

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