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Inside: 27 Tattoo Sleeve Filler Ideas for Women

Perfecting a sleeve tattoo can take years of work, tons of inspiration and A LOT of time in the chair. But it’s totally worth it, right? I think so!

When working on full sleeve designs you can often find yourself trying to fill those small spaces with ink that completes your sleeve perfectly. Finding the right art and designs for your sleeve tattoo is really the hardest part, I mean besides the pain. 😉 Here are 27 Tattoo Sleeve Filler Ideas for Women that we love.

Tattoo Sleeve Filler Ideas for Women

Tattoo Sleeve Filler Ideas for Women

1. Leopard Print: This is a classic print to fill in any open space and keeping a fluid look throughout your arm piece. One of my favorite for sure!

2. Feminine Floral: I love this feminine flower design. Its pretty, dainty but yet it still fills up the space perfectly!

3. Wrapped Ivy: This wrapped Ivy design is a great way to keep a consistent look through your arm art. It is a great way to fill any small space between pieces.

Leopard Tattoos

4. Waves: Get lost in the ocean when this small but mighty wave tattoo!

5. Boxing Gloves: For that badass gal who fought to be where she is today!

6. Fly Away: There are so many different meanings for different birds. I love how each of them have a great and deep meaning. Find one that you love and totally relate to!

bird Tattoo

7. Succulent Tattoo: A little different twist on a traditional “plant/flower” tattoo. I believe succulents are the modern version of a rose. Beautiful, spiritual and they look amazing!

8. Queen Bee: If you’re a bad bitch and feeling like owning that Queen Bee status then this tattoo sleeve idea for women is perfect for you!

9. Sparrow: Like I mentioned before, I love bird tattoos. The sparrow tattoo especially is one of my favorites! The are several types of sparrows and the Grand Sparrow, in particular, is known to mate for life. For that reason, the sparrows can be used to symbolize loyalty to a family or love. Since they could return home every year, these tattoos can be a symbol of a victory earned or a hardship endured.

Succulent Tattoo

Perfect Feminine Filler Ideas

10. Lipstick Lover: Where are my make up lovers at? This totally rad lipstick tattoo is perfect for a sleeve filler!

11. Bobby Pins: Here is one for all my hairdressers out there. Or maybe you just love bobby pins? Ha either way this tattoo filler idea for women is all parts fun and feminine!

12. Pinky Promise: This is the perfect tattoo to get with your BFF or to symbolize a promise you made to yourself! Either way it’s one of my favorite filler ideas!

Women Tattoos

13. Fortune Teller: Do you love horoscopes, fortunes, and luck? Then always have that on your side with this super fun fortune teller ball!

14. Crystals & Succulents: Crystal tattoos are usually chosen by those that are solid and determined, and who know the worth of the crystal itself. Usually, a stone image on your body will seek to attract good luck and fortune. For a long time, crystals are symbols of divination and wisdom, as well as spiritual insight in general.

15. Handrawn Floral: I am obsessed with this hand-drawn look. It’s so dainty, stunning, and perfect for a filler idea!

Small Tat Ideas

16. Fire Flys: This little creature is associated with awakening, inspiration, hope, energy, guidance, aspiration, attraction, creativity, efficiency and new ideas.

17. Raspberry: This one is for my sweet and sassy gals out there!

18. Pair of Cherries: Another one for all my sweet girls rocking a sleeve tattoo!

Arm Piece

Tattoo Sleeve Filler Ideas

19. Love Yourself: One of the best messages to have written on your body, LOVE YOURSELF! I love this daily reminder.

20. Lollipop: Felling a little quirky?

21. Diamond: Because girl you deserve it! The diamond represents inner beauty, as in the saying, “true beauty is on the inside

Sleeve Ideas for Women

22. Butterfly Tattoo Filler: A butterfly tattoo is a symbol that represents transformation and faith. Like a butterfly, the tattoo represents the freedom of the person. Butterfly tattoo represent feminity and love

23. Mama & Babies: This is the perfect tattoo sleeve filler idea for women and the love they share for their babies!

24. Flying Birds: Letting go of the past can be tough, these flying birds are a beautiful symbol of letting go of the past.

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

25. Sunflower: Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Sunflowers represent “happy” flowers, making them the perfect gift to bring joy to someone’s (or your) day.

26. Fingers Crossed: A simple but totally rad tattoo sleeve filler idea for women

27. Lions Head: For that girl that knows what she wants and is strong enough to handle anything life throws her way!

Tattoo Filler Ideas

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