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50 Simple Tattoos Designs for Men With Meaning (2021)

Not everyone opts for large size tattoos. Most women and men love to have small simple tattoos on their body. There are multiple reasons to go for simple tattoo designs. First of all, if they go wrong then you can easily cover them up. Secondly, they can be extended into large size tattoos later on. Thirdly they are the best to pick for matching tattoos.

Here we give you 50 best cool simple tattoo ideas for men –

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Simple Forearm Tattoos For Guys

1. A dragonfly represents struggles. Therefore, a simple dragonfly tattoo like this will show your attitude towards hardwork. simple tattoos

2. In My opinion simple tattoos always look cute. Girls should op for simple tattoos like a small bow tattoo or a lace tattoo on their forearm. Cute Simple Tattoos

3. I like simple tattoos that are minimal and left up to the imagination of the viewer. For example, this cool simple tattoo of a man kissing a woman is not so easy to intercept. Cool Simple Tattoos

4. Yes, I know that elbow bracelet tattoos and wrist bracelet tattoos are very common but have you tried in neo-tribal style. Here is a blackwork wrist bracelet tattoo in a simple style that looks far better than jewelry bracelet tattoos. Simple Arm Tattoos

5. Many of my clients ask for simple animal tattoos. Now, this bear tattoo is not as such simple but it has a unique style (double exposure) that will surely be admired by everyone. Simple Bear Tattoos dandelion tattoo on collarbone

6. Birds are symbol of peace and prosperity. So try simple bird tattoos on arm or hand if you are a peace loving person. Simple Bird Tattoos

7. Butterfly tattoos are mostly opted by women but they can also be tried by men who love nature. Simple Butterfly Tattoos

8. This simple cat tattoo design will not only show your love for cat but will also represent how neat and gentle life you live. Simple Cat Tattoos

9. A simple compass tattoo like this on rib cage will show that you try to lead your life in the right direction. In my opinion, it is Perfect Simple Geometric tattoo idea. Simple Compass Tattoos

10. One of the best simple couples tattoo would be the king and queen tattoo. You can just get inked by the letters K and Q on your wrists like this. Getting simple is not easy and one has to increase their focus span and attention in order to achieve it and become successful. Simple Couples Tattoos behind the ear tattoo ideas for guys

tattoo designs for men hand

11. A simple cross tattoo would be recommended to those who have deep faith in Christianity and want to try a religious tattoo design. Simple Cross Tattoos

12. This simple crown tattoo is worn by famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber. The back of the neck placement of this tattoo makes it even more attractive. Simple Crown Tattoos

13. A simple dog tattoo like this will show that you are a loyal and caring person who loves dogs very much. Simple Dog Tattoos

14. Personally, I think Dragon tattoos should be large and majestic but many guys and girls opt for simple dragon tattoos like this because they require less space. Simple Dragon Tattoos

15. If you believe in luck and charm then you should try simple dreamcatcher tattoo like this which is considered a lucky ornament by native Americans. Simple Dream Catcher Tattoos

16. One of the simplest feet tattoos that you can try is that of a feather. Here is a cute feather tattoo design inked as an anklet. Simple Feet Tattoos

17. Finger is the most common part to try simple tattoos. If you are a person who support wildlife conservation then try this design. Simple Finger Tattoos

18. A simple flower tattoo design like this will denote that you put the character of a person above his/her external beauty. Simple Flower Tattoos

19. You can try the name tattoo on your foot. But whose name you should get inked with? If you love your pet a lot then try their names. Simple Foot Tattoos

20. Tattoo extensions are common. You can try a simple armband tattoo on your forearm and later extend it into a more elaborative tattoo like this. Simple Forearm Tattoos

wrist simple tattoos for men

21. Geometric tattoos can be really simple but still you can confuse people by trying designs that give optical illusions. Simple Geometric Tattoos

22. People often get weird tattoos on their hand. A simple arrow tattoo like this would be the perfect choice for hand tattoos. Simple Hand Tattoos

23. Many men and women love to have simple tattoos of their favorite movies or tv series. Here is a really cute Harry Potter mark tattoo that can suit anyone. Simple Harry Potter Tattoos 1

24. No simple tattoo design is as beautiful as a simple heart tattoo. In fact, a simple heart tattoo design is way more meaningful than many other large tattoo designs. Simple Heart Tattoos 1

25. During wedding season or any other festival, women love to have henna tattoos on their hands. You can try a simple henna tattoo like this or you can also check out post of mehndi designs for more ideas. Simple Henna Tattoos

26. Who said meaningful tattoos need to be large in size? This simple horse tattoo design shows that small tattoos can be meaningful as well. Simple Horse Tattoos

27. Another cool idea often suggested by tattoo artists is the simple line tattoo. There are many versions ranging from Barcode designs to geometrical patterns. My favorite is this mountain design. Simple Line Tattoos

28. A simple lion tattoo like this will surely be eye catching. But do remember that the alignment should be viewer oriented. Simple Lion Tattoos 1

29. Lotus bloom in dirt. A simple lotus tattoo will show that you know how to bloom in difficulties. Simple Lotus Tattoos

30. A simple mandala tattoo like this will look better on wrist or forearm. Simple Mandala Tattoos

best and simple tattoo designs

31. One advantage of simple tattoos is that they can be extended into large tattoos when required. Here is a perfect example of this. Simple Mens Tattoos

32. If you wish to try nature tattoos then don’t go for simplest design. You have to try a medium size version like this. Simple Nature Tattoos

33. Rose tattoos are always pretty. This simple rose tattoo will look beautiful on girls. Simple Rose Tattoos

34. This simple skull tattoo is good choice for those who love to be adventurous. Simple Skull Tattoos

35. I guess this is one of the cutest small matching tattoos that you can try with your partner. These are two flying birds. Simple Small Tattoos

36. You can also try a simple space tattoo design like this if you have interest in astronomy. Simple Space Tattoos

37. A simple sun and moon tattoo will not only define your relationship but will also look beautiful on any part of body. Simple Sun And Moon Tattoos

38. There are many simple sun tattoo design that you can try from. This one is inspired from aztech styles. Simple Sun Tattoos

39. This simple tattoo design will suit those people who wish to have a matching tattoo with their siblings. Simple Tattoos Designs For Men

40. You can try a simple tattoo version of your favourite flower just like this. Simple Tattoos Designs

simple forearm tattoos for guys

41. If you wish to have a matching tattoo design with your brother or sister then try a simple line tattoo like this on your fingers. Simple Tattoos For Girls

42. This is a simple trishul tattoo. Trishul is the weapon of Hindu God Shiva. Simple Tattoos For Guys

43. Your simple tattoo design doesn’t have to be meaningful to the whole world. As long as it makes sense to you, it is okay. Simple Tattoos For Men

44. If you think that simple tattoos cannot be impressive then think again. This simple anchor tattoo on side wrist of this girl is way more attractive than most anchor tattoo designs. Simple Anchor Tattoos

45. If you try a multicolor flower tattoo design like this then it will show that you believe and happily accept both shades of life (happy and sad). Simple Thigh Tattoos

46. A simple tree tattoo design like this will suit best on fingers. Do not try It on any other body part. Simple Tree Tattoos

47. Not all tribal tattoos are large in size. While tribal sleeves have its own charm still I think a simple tribal tattoo like this will look great too. Simple Tribal Tattoos

48. A simple turtle tattoo like this will showcase that you enjoy simple things in life. You find happiness even in the smallest of things. Simple Turtle Tattoos

49. If you wish to have a simple wolf tattoo then howling wolf is the best design that you can try. Simple Wolf Tattoos

50. Here is a small simple tattoo design that will look great on calves. Small Simple Tattoos

Which simple tattoo design you liked the most?

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