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20 Meaningful Mother and Daughter Tattoos

Mother And Daughter Tattoos

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between mother and daughter. And what better way to show how much you care for each other than with tattoos? Like the bond between you, your inking will last a lifetime. From matching tattoos to meaningful symbols and sayings, these mother-and-daughter inkings will inspire you and warm your heart.

Contents show 1. Matching Tattoos 2. Small Mother and Daughter Tattoos 3. Symbol Tattoos 4. Elephant Tattoos 5. Infinity Tattoos 6. Sun and Moon Tattoos 7. Bond Tattoos 8. Chinese Tattoos 9. Sayings Tattoos 10. Celtic Tattoos 11. Butterfly Tattoos 12. Connecting Tattoos 13. Heart Tattoos 14. Flower Tattoos 15. Holding Hands Tattoos 16. Pinky Swear Tattoo 17. Birds Tattoos 18. Writing Tattoos 19. Tree Tattoos 20. Mother Daughter and Son Tattoos

1. Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are the ideal choice for mothers and daughters who are two peas in a pod. Twin tattoos show how much you think alike and all the things you have in common. A matching tattoo is also a fantastic way to commemorate a special experience the two of you have shared.

Matching Tattoos

2. Small Mother and Daughter Tattoos

Small tattoos are no less meaningful than larger designs, so why not choose a tiny and delicate mother-and-daughter tattoo? A smaller inking is also more versatile as it can be placed anywhere. Consider a pair of on-trend finger tattoos, a petite design on your wrist, or even behind your ear.

Small Mother And Daughter Tattoo

3. Symbol Tattoos

Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words! A symbol is ideal for mothers and daughters who want a simple yet meaningful tattoo. For the more traditional, the classic mother and child symbol expresses the close maternal bond. Others may prefer a more abstract symbol in an artistic style.

Symbol Tattoo

4. Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are not only some of the most majestic and beautiful animals on Earth, but are also strongly matriarchal. Every elephant herd is made up of mothers and their children. For that reason, elephant tattoos are a wonderful idea for a mother and daughter. Elephants are also strongly associated with memory – as the saying goes, ‘An elephant never forgets’ – so your inking will always remind you of each other.

Elephant Tattoo

5. Infinity Tattoos

The infinity symbol is a popular tattoo, but it’s also very fitting for a mother and daughter. The symbol represents things that last for eternity, and nothing is as infinite and everlasting as a mother’s love for her child. Try personalizing your infinity tattoo with birthdays or birth flowers for a unique touch. Infinity Tattoo

6. Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun tattoo and moon tattoos are ideal for mothers and daughters who have different, yet complementary personalities. The duality of these two heavenly bodies reflects how opposites complete each other. They can also represent how you are never alone – you keep each other in your hearts every day and night. Sun And Moon Tattoo

7. Bond Tattoos

There are many different types of tattoos that can express the unique bond between mother and daughter. A sweet option is a cartoon portrait of you together, which incorporates a linking element, like a line. That way, when you look at your tattoos together, they are connected. Bond tattoos look best in a placement where you can see them at all times, such as your wrist or forearm. Mother And Daughter Bond Tattoo

8. Chinese Tattoos

Family is central in Chinese culture, and the devotion and love of a mother for her children is very important. A mother-daughter tattoo in the Chinese script not only looks interesting and beautiful but also feels more private because not everyone can read it. It is a simpler, smaller, and more delicate form of a word tattoo. Other options include your Chinese Zodiac animals or a Chinese saying about family. Chinese Tattoo

9. Sayings Tattoos

There are many sayings about mothers and daughters, which could inspire matching tattoos. From folk wisdom to famous quotes or even lyrics, sayings tattoos are poetic and stay in your memory. Meaningful and personal, these tattoos are a great way to express what you and your mother feel for each other. Sayings Tattoo

10. Celtic Tattoos

Mothers and daughters can pay tribute to their heritage with a Celtic tattoo. The Celtic art style involves many rings, knots, and spirals, symbolizing eternity and spirituality. The number three is also used frequently in Celtic art, so a tattoo like a triskelion, trinity knot, or shamrock could be ideal for a mother and her two daughters. There are also specific motherhood Celtic knots. Celtic Tattoo

11. Butterfly Tattoos

A butterfly is a very meaningful design when it comes to mother-daughter tattoos. Not only are they associated with love, transformation, freedom, and hope, but they are also feminine and graceful. As a result, they are perfect for a mother and daughter who love nature and beauty and want an inking that is both pretty and poetic. Butterfly Tattoo

12. Connecting Tattoos

One of the cutest tattoos for mothers and daughters is a connecting design. These tattoos are only complete when they are seen side by side, and for that reason, they symbolize how you complete each other. A beautiful option for mothers and daughters who are often apart, connecting tattoos remind you of each other whenever you look at them and bring back happy memories of when you were last together. Connected Tattoos

13. Heart Tattoos

A classic and emotional tattoo option, hearts symbolize love and affection. There is no simpler way to show how much you and your mother mean to each other! Try adding each other’s initials to the tattoo, or another personal touch like your birthday. Heart Tattoo

14. Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos have a feminine appeal that makes them perfect for a mother and daughter tattoo. Traditionally, carnations are associated with mothers and Mother’s Day because they signify love, faith, purity, and generosity. Roses also represent love, while daylilies and orchids are associated with motherhood and children in Chinese culture. Flowers Tattoo

15. Holding Hands Tattoos

When you can’t hold your mother’s hand, having a hand-holding tattoo is the next best thing! These tattoos represent closeness, loyalty, friendship, respect, and love. They also signify that your mother will never let you down, and you will always need her in your life. Because of their simple and beautiful meaning, holding hands tattoos are some of the most popular for mothers and daughters who are best friends. Holding Hands Tattoo

16. Pinky Swear Tattoo

A pinky swear – also called a pinky promise – involves two people interlocking their little fingers to symbolize an agreement. In tattoo form, a pinky swear signifies loyalty, honesty, and keeping your word. For mothers and daughters, this tattoo could represent your lifelong promise to always be there for each other. Pinky Swear Tattoo

17. Birds Tattoos

Birds tattoos are some of the most popular designs for mothers and daughters because of their meaning. Flying birds can represent daughters who have grown up and ‘left the nest’ and pay tribute to the woman who taught them to ‘fly’ in life. Mothers often choose a ‘three little birds’ tattoo to represent three daughters, while hen tattoos are traditionally associated with motherhood and nurturing. Birds Tattoos

18. Writing Tattoos

There are many poetic and meaningful mother-and-daughter tattoo options, and one of the best is writing tattoos. From sayings to song lyrics, writing tattoos are deeply personal. You could add a unique touch and have the writing tattoo inked based on your handwriting. That way, you will always carry a piece of each other with you.

Writing Tattoo

19. Tree Tattoos

Trees are often associated with family, wisdom, age, and protection, which makes them perfect for a mother-and-daughter tattoo design. They are ideal for mothers and daughters who are alike, as in the saying, ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’ Trees are a great tattoo choice for people who deeply value their family ties and roots.

Tree Tattoo

20. Mother Daughter and Son Tattoos

For mothers with a daughter and son, getting a tattoo that fits all of your styles can be challenging. Minimalist and meaningful tattoos are a popular choice because they are neither masculine nor feminine. Some popular options include suns and moons, trees, stars, and dandelions. Mother Daughter Son Tattoo


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