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20 Back Tattoos for Men That Make a Statement

Back Tattoos For Men

If you are spending this time getting inspired and planning your next statement tattoo, you would love the ideas we’ve collected for you. Your back is one of the best places to get a tattoo – particularly one that makes a statement. Because the back is one of the widest, flattest and largest parts of the body, it’s an ideal canvas for an eye-catching and complex inking. When it comes to choosing your back tattoo, make sure you pick a design that you’re proud to show off.

1. Tribal Back Tattoo

The tribal tattoo art style uses curved, pointed lines to form unique shapes and designs. Popular in the ’90s, it is still popular today and gives any tattoo a badass and masculine look. It’s an ideal choice for a back tattoo as there are no straight lines involved, so the inking will move with your muscles rather than looking static.

Tribal Back Tattoo

2. Back and Neck tattoo

Collar-style tattoos are a rising trend, so there’s never been a better time to extend your back piece up to your neck. Alternatively, take a more subtle and cool approach by getting a tattoo that starts at the top of your spine and ends at your hairline. From abstract patterns to animals, these inkings make a statement and look badass.

Back And Neck Tattoo

3. Full Back Tattoo

Full back tattoos take a lot of time, money, and pain to complete as they are so large and complex – but they are worth the effort. These tattoos become a work of art and represent a commitment to tattoos, as the wearer can’t see them without the help of mirrors. As a result, they are often the most meaningful and powerful inkings. A full-back tattoo always stands out due to its size and detail.

Full Back Tattoo

4. Small Back Tattoo

While large tattoos look great on your back due to the flat surface and space available, smaller designs also work. If you have a minimalist and low-key style – or want a simple, less painful inking – try a small back tattoo. A single word, animal, or meaningful symbol are all popular choices with men around the world. Try an inking on your shoulder blade or middle back, rather than lower down, so the design is more visible.

Small Back Tattoo

5. Back and Shoulder Tattoo

For a cool and interesting tattoo, choose a design that wraps around your shoulder and onto your back. A popular choice for men is the ‘suit of armor’ tattoo or a pair of wings. Alternatively, you could take your existing shoulder tattoo or sleeve to the next level by extending it to your back.

Back And Shoulder Tattoo

6. Upper Back Tattoo

The upper back continues to be a popular placement for men’s tattoos. As one of the smoothest and flattest areas of the body, the upper back makes a perfect canvas for detailed and complex designs. Many men also choose it as the placement for a name tattoo, as it mimics where a player’s surname appears on a sports jersey. The upper back is one of the most visible places to get a tattoo and will draw focus when you take your shirt off, so be sure to choose a meaningful inking that represents you. Upper Back Tattoo

7. Cross Back Tattoo

The cross is the holiest symbol in Christianity, which makes it a very popular choice for religious men. Your back offers the ideal canvas for a larger, more detailed cross design. Incorporate other aspects of your life and heritage into the tattoo by adding details like your favorite Bible verse, names of your loved ones, or patterns like Celtic knots.

Cross Back Tattoo

8. Wings Back Tattoo

Wing tattoos often have a spiritual meaning, representing becoming a better or more ‘angelic’ person as well as breaking free of problems and setbacks. The back is a popular placement for a wing inking as there is plenty of space for a large, detailed design. Other men choose a back wings tattoo as a tribute to Viking culture; warriors in the Norse society had wings tattooed on their backs so they would be taken to Valhalla, the legendary afterlife.

Wings Tattoo

9. Angel Back Tattoo

Angels can represent many different things to different men. For religious guys, the archangel Michael is a popular choice because he is the leader of the Army of God and represents the fight against evil. Meanwhile, the archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God and represents purity, honesty, and truth. Other men choose a guardian angel tattoo to mark times they overcame the odds or survived a life-threatening situation.

Angel Tattoo

10. Eagle Back Tattoo

When it comes to animal-inspired tattoos, eagles are a popular choice for men all over the world. A fierce bird of prey, eagles are known for their ability to soar to great heights as well as hunt with incredible precision. The eagle is the national symbol of the USA, making it a patriotic tattoo choice for American men. While many guys opt for a photorealistic eagle inking, the Old School tattoo art style gives the bird an even more cool and dynamic look.

Eagle Tattoo

11. Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragons tattoos are a top-rated piece for men because they are powerful and supernatural creatures. A dragon is also a versatile tattoo option as the design can be shaped to fit your body. For a back placement, you have endless options; a Chinese dragon could curve around your muscles, or a roaring European dragon could breathe fire across your shoulders.

Dragon Back Tattoo

12. Japanese Back Tattoo

Japanese tattooing – known as Irezumi – has a distinctive and eye-catching style. While traditional Japanese tattoos are applied by hand, you can get a similar effect with the conventional needle gun method. Bright colors, bold shading, and meaningful symbols are all classic elements of a Japanese tattoo. For your back piece, choose a combination of animal and nature-inspired designs and work with an artist who specializes in the art style.

Japanese Tattoo

13. Spine Tattoo

The spine tattoo has an edgy and unusual vibe. Any linear design will work, from Morse code to moon phases, a quote, or a tree. However, bear in mind that the spine is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, as the bones and nerves are close to the skin. Try a half-spine tattoo if you are getting your first tattoo, as you can always extend it at another sitting.

Middle Back Tattoo

14. Phoenix Back Tattoo

The phoenix is a symbol that is relatable for many men. In legends, the powerful, supernatural bird rises from the ashes and is reborn stronger than ever. If you have experienced hardship in life or overcome serious obstacles, a phoenix tattoo is an excellent choice for a tattoo. The image of a phoenix also looks great as a large inking, so it’s perfect for your back.

Phoenix Tattoo

15. Quote Back Tattoo

Quote tattoos are a great way to express yourself. They also act as a reminder of the things that are most important to you. Choose a line that inspires you from your favorite movie, book, or song – or even a philosophy quote that summarises your feelings about life. Your back offers lots of options for placing a quote tattoo. An interesting choice is to have your artist ink the words down your spine to create a cool visual effect.

Quote Tattoo

16. Badass Back Tattoo

What is considered a badass tattoo depends on the individual. When choosing a badass design, think about the message you want to send with your body art. Do you want your ink to be intimidating, scary, or simply powerful and masculine? Animals like tigers and bears, demons, or weapons could all be incorporated into your badass tattoo.

Badass Tattoo

17. Skull Back Tattoo

Skull tattoos have been a favorite tattoo choice for men for decades. They are one of the most recognizable and powerful symbols. Human skulls are often associated with death and can make for a cool Gothic-style tattoo. Alternatively, some men combine them with flowers to represent the beauty and transience of life. Other design options include animal skulls – often associated with the Old West period – and Mexican sugar skulls.

Skull Tattoo

18. Geometric Back Tattoo

Geometric tattoos – inkings that focus on abstract shapes, lines, and patterns – are becoming more and more popular. You can adapt almost any design inspiration into the geometric art style, too. Plus, patterns are versatile; they can be shaped to fit any body part, are easy to extend over more space, and can be used to cover up unwanted old tattoos.

Geometric Back Tattoo

19. Wolf Back Tattoo

There are many choices for wolf-themed back tattoos. Because there is more space, your artist can create a unique and complicated design with lots of detail. One popular option is inspired by the ‘two wolves’ story, which describes the battle between good and evil that exists within each person. It’s a powerful and meaningful ink that also looks badass.

Wolf Tattoo

20. Lion Back Tattoo

Lions are fierce, proud, powerful, and majestic – which is why they are so popular for men’s tattoos. Guys who identify with those qualities should consider getting a lion-themed inking. A back placement allows you to show off all the

Lion Tattoo

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