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25 Heart Tattoos You Will Instantly Fall In Love With

Heart Tattoo

There are many variations of heart tattoos, and each has a special meaning. The symbol could serve as a reminder of heartbreak and how far the individual has come, it could be used to commemorate a loved one after their untimely passing, or be a simple yet powerful expression of love and desire. The different colors can also give the piece a new meaning; if you want to celebrate friendship or passion, a red heart is for you, while a black heart represents sorrow. Regardless of the design and the different elements you choose, the symbol remains one of the most popular and recognizable ones across all cultures. Keep scrolling to find an ideal heart tattoo for you.

1. Red Heart Tattoo

The color of your heart tattoo can say a lot about the reasons you chose to get it. Black ink symbolizes sadness, while red ink represents romantic love. Getting a small red heart tattoo can be a beautiful tribute to your partner, but it is also an excellent idea to get matching ink with a close friend or a sibling. The bold-colored design is an incredibly popular one, with some of our favorite celebs, including Kylie Jenner and Hilary Duff, opting for this symbol.

Red Heart Tattoo

2. Sacred Heart Tattoo

One of the many benefits of heart tattoos is that there is a large variety of styles to choose from, and the sacred heart symbol is for those who are profoundly religious and want to honor their faith. The design has links to both the Christian and Catholic denominations and is believed to represent Jesus Christ’s unwavering love for humankind. It also symbolizes an individual’s dedication to their beliefs and is a way to show their devotion. There are several common elements of this tattoo; these include a crown or halo, across at the top of the design, and often thorns encompassing the heart.

Sacred Heart Tattoo

3. Broken Heart Tattoo

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, but not every story has a happy ending. The broken heart symbol represents intense feelings of pain and is a way to remind the wearer of the hurt that their past has caused them. Individuals choose to ink these designs as a cautionary tale, in the hopes they may be more guarded in the future. Alternatively, the piece can be seen as a positive sign that the person is overcoming their suffering.

Heartbreak Tattoo

4. Black Heart Tattoo

The heart symbol is often associated with love and passion, but a black heart tattoo can also represent death and grief. This ink can be a fantastic way to honor the passing of a loved one or serve as a reminder of heartbreak or personal loss. Although this tattoo will suit many placements, some people prefer to get it in the middle of their chest, so that they can hold those they’ve lost close to their own heart.

Black Heart Tattoo

5. Small Heart Tattoo

Small tattoos look dainty and cute and don’t require as much commitment as more substantial designs, both in terms of the session time and price, but also the amount of space they use on the body. Starting small is an excellent decision if this is your first piece, and you have many options with regards to placement. You can choose to ink your finger or your ankle, but regardless of which area you decide on, the tattoo will be subtle; and that is part of its appeal.

Small Heart Tattoo

6. Heart Tattoo with Names

If you want a tattoo that has a lot of symbolism, then consider this stunning design. A heart tattoo with names allows you to create a piece that is unique and serves as a touching way of honoring those closest to you. Some choose to ink the names of their family members, while others celebrate their friendship with their nearest and dearest. Regardless of whose names you decide to include, there is no denying that this design has a very personal touch.

Heart Name Tattoo

7. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Is a standard heart shape not to your liking? Why not try something different by choosing a piece that is more realistic? Although most drawings are focused around the simple heart-shaped image, the anatomical design is a fantastic alternative. This tattoo adds a level of realism and requires a much more detailed depiction of the human heart. It is often thought to represent love and friendship but can also be seen as a symbol of life; the heart is the organ that is the center of our chests, and we cannot survive without it. You can choose to add flowers and other various elements, or simply let the design speak for itself.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo1

8. Kingdom Hearts Tattoo

Kingdom Hearts is a top-rated series of action role-playing games, and its followers are so inspired, that there have been many tattoos dedicated to it. Common symbols include an outline of a heart topped with a crown, and designs sometimes also feature interlocking keys. Other fans choose to ink their favorite character or the Wayfinder symbol, creating a unique piece that holds personal meaning for them.

Kingdom Tattoo

9. Infinity Heart Tattoo

When we think of infinity, we think of something that will last forever. The symbol represents limitlessness, and when accompanied by a heart, it is often considered to indicate endless love. It is a beautiful design for those who want to show their dedication and passion for someone or something special in their life. The piece can include names of those who you hold dear to your heart, or contain other images such as little birds. The wide variety of options allows you to create something deeply personal and unique to you.

Infinity Tattoo

10. Queen of Hearts Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that is feminine and represents the strength and independence of a woman, then the Queen of Hearts tattoo may be for you. The design is often associated with the playing card, or the character from Alice in Wonderland. It can also represent beauty, affection, and willpower. Some women choose to simply ink the letter Q along with a heart symbol, while others prefer much more detailed pieces. The ideal placement depends on your personal preference, but the shoulder appears to be a popular choice.

Queen Of Heart Tattoo

11. Mom Heart Tattoo

The mom heart tattoo has been around for a long time and is considered one of the classics. It initially gets its roots from American sailors, and, as suspected, the piece serves as a tribute to their mothers. Although it is most commonly created in the Sailor Jerry style, with bold colors and a banner spelling out the word MOM, in more modern times, the piece has evolved. Despite being a famous symbol, with many variations in the design and even the language used, the focus remains the same; it is a tribute to mothers everywhere.

Heart Mom Tattoo1

12. Bleeding Heart Tattoo

If you are looking for a way to express your emotions, especially feelings of deep pain and sadness, then a bleeding heart tattoo would appeal to you. The symbol can represent many things, including the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or unrequited love. One of the reasons this piece is so popular is because many people can relate to these feelings. The blood droplets make it clear that the heart has been wounded, and it is losing strength.

Bleeding Heart Design

13. Heart Simple Outline Tattoo

Spending hours in a tattoo session for a piece that is distinctive and detailed is appealing to some people, but there is also something to be said for the more simplistic designs, like an outline heart tattoo. When deciding to get a piece like this, the beauty is in the simplicity. The focus is, therefore, on the most basic form of the design. An outline tattoo does not require shading and tends to look best when completed in classic black ink. It is a fantastic option for people who want something dainty and minimalistic.

Small Heart Tattoo1

14. Heart With Wings Tattoo

There are many variations of the heart with wings tattoo; for some, the design can represent freedom, either in love or life. This ink can be exceptionally liberating. For others, the wings accompanied by a heart is symbolic of something more mystical, like fairies or angels. The imagery is personal but could indicate your spirituality, bringing you closer to God; or serve as a way for the wearer to honor their loved ones who have passed away.

Heart Wing Tattoo

15. Rose Flower and Heart Tattoo

There is something feminine and elegant about a heart and rose tattoo, especially when it is a petite design. The combination of these two symbols often represents passion and intense love. The rose is a flower that symbolizes romance and friendship and is usually completed in bold red ink. There are many different interpretations of this design; it could be simple and dainty or have a more gothic element to it. If you choose to create it with an arrow or thorns piercing the heart, this could take on a more melancholy meaning.

Rose And Heart Tattoo

16. Heart Cross Tattoo

If you have an unwavering connection to the Christian religion, you may consider a heart and cross tattoo. The importance of the pairing of these symbols is a combination of love and faith. These two elements can be personalized to suit your style preference, and thus there are many variations of this design. The piece can be elaborate and detailed, or simple and minimalistic; an outline approach appears to be a particularly feminine choice.

Cross Heart Ink

17. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

Fingerprint tattoos have a unique finish; after all, no two fingerprints are alike. You can choose to use your print, or that of a loved one — simply roll your finger in ink and take this sample to your preferred tattoo artist. This design could take on many forms and different shapes, but the heart is a popular option. Not only does it look super cool, but if the fingerprint you use belongs to someone who you love, it adds even more meaning to the design.

Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

18. Three Hearts Tattoo

The combination of three hearts can be particularly meaningful as it represents your past, your present, and your future. Each of these hearts focuses on a distinct time in your life, and it serves as a thought-provoking reminder of the wearer’s goals or dreams. There are other possible meanings for this design, too, and the ink could symbolize important moments or milestones, such as the birth of a child.

Three Heart Ink1

19. Your Wings Were Ready, But My Heart Was Not Tattoo

Individuals who want a meaningful memorial tattoo should consider this beautiful quote. Dealing with loss is incredibly painful, and some people find it comforting to memorialize those they love by getting something special tattooed on their bodies. The words are often accompanied by images of birds and feathers, signifying how the person has flown away. It can also represent weightlessness and freedom, focusing on how the individual is no longer tied down by earthly things. If you wish to make the piece more unique, names and birth and death dates can be added to the design.

Wings Ready Tattoo

20. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is often used to indicate that an individual’s story is continuing. The punctuation mark has become a powerful symbol for those who have suffered from mental illness and depression and reminds them that they are survivors. When combined with the heart, the ink can represent self-love. The wearer will recall their past, how far they have come, and how they need to continue loving themselves. The wrist is one of the best locations for this tattoo because it is a spot that can be seen every day.

Semicolon Heart Tattoo

21. Heart and Face Tattoo

A heart and face tattoo is a great way to make a statement on your skin! The design is exceptionally eye-catching, but it also has a powerful meaning; choosing to get a crying heart indicates sadness and could represent the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or heartbreak. There are several different interpretations of how to create this ink, but a popular choice is to have tears rolling down the front of the piece. Some individuals want a realistic-looking face, while others opt for a more simplistic design.

Heart And Face Ink

22. Heart Tattoo on the Wrist

A wrist tattoo looks elegant on every one; this piece will also take minimal time to create and, therefore, not cost much either. A location is an excellent place for a tattoo that you want to see all the time, but because the area has little muscle and fat, getting inked here can cause mild discomfort. For this reason, it is best to choose simple, small designs. Also, it’s important to remember that exposure to this area will likely cause the tattoo to blur or fade faster than other parts of the body.

Heart Wrist Tattoo

23. Heart Finger Tattoo

Small tattoos can have just as much meaning as more substantial pieces, but they don’t require as much time and commitment to complete. In recent years, finger tattoos have proven to be incredibly trendy, and they look super cool. Before you head to your local tattoo artist, though, you should know that this location tends to be pretty painful. The reason is because of all the nerves in our fingers and the proximity to the bone. It is also worth mentioning that ink in this area tends to blur and fade faster because of how often we use and wash our hands.

Heart Finger Tattoo

24. Heart Tattoo Behind the Ear

Behind the ear tattoos just look so effortlessly cool, and a small heart shape would be excellent here. The finished effect is fantastic; there is no denying that, but this is one of the most painful places to get inked. You will likely find yourself counting down the minutes until the session time is over because of the number of nerve endings in this location. You will also need to consider the buzzing of the tattoo machine and vibration, which, again, can cause discomfort.

Heart Behind Ear Tattoo

25. Chest Tattoo

One of the best things about heart tattoo design is the many variations. In terms of placement, if you want a more detailed piece, an excellent spot to ink would be your chest. That said, you should be warned that there will be some discomfort involved. The sternum is considered one of the most painful places for a tattoo. The reason for this is because of the sensitivity of this area. Plus, there is also the proximity to the bone to consider. Still, despite the pain, an appealing factor about the chest tattoo is that you can show it off when you want to, or cover it up when you find yourself in a more formal setting.

Chest Heart Tattoo

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