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Top 89 Knee Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Knee tattoos are strictly attributed to indomitable connoisseurs of ink. These decadently defined emblems take illustrious body art to a benevolent new zenith of grandiloquence.

No location is more aptly suited for an extravagant tattoo than the knee, especially for those aspiring to unlock the bravado of circular supremacy via arcane patterns.

The region lends itself to innately intricate wonders that transcend the standard capacities of ink. These pieces are brilliantly adaptable and wildly customizable.

Expansive machismo is embedded within every single knee tattoo. The only boundaries in this realm are your own imagination. Mathematically balanced spirals are an excellent pursuit in this area, and they automatically contain an inspirational array of captivating awesomeness. Stunning symmetrical webs can coincide with triumphant tribal displays for maximum impact.

Additionally, the spot’s inherent roundness is useful for cultivating ravishingly detailed faces. These expressive countenances can shrewdly revel in animalistic fury with ease. Each knee can also boast a complementary visage to form two halves of a whole illustration. The final result shall be ostentatiously ornate.

For a marvelously mischievous mastery over ink, a complex knee tattoo will be your best friend.

As proof, we proudly present a thorough survey of the possible choices that await you in the parlor.

3d Geometric Knee Tattoos For Guys

Abstract Modern Blackwork Knee Mens Tattoo

Abstract Wolf Knee Male Tattoos

All Seeing Eye Knee Sun Ray Male Tattoos

Amazing Wolf Knee Eye Tattoo On Gentleman

Awesome Mens Knee Tattoo Design Ideas

Awesome Skull With Glowing Orange Eyes Knee Tattoo On Men

Bear With Arrows Knee Mens Tattoos

Black Gorilla Mens Knee Tattoos

Black Ink Jungle Cat Mens Knee Tattoos

This is an interesting piece that uses black and gray ink and excellent placement with great results. The stipple and whip shading are expertly applied, making for an image that looks equally realistic and illustrative. The artist has also used the design and placement to create an interesting effect. The perspective used in the image, along with the placement of the cat’s snout at the apex of the knee when bent, help to create a three dimensional tattoo: the cat appears to be sticking its nose out at you. This is a one of a kind design and a great example of how utilizing physiological features can be incorporated into a tattoo.

Black Ink Shaded Knee Wolf Tattoos For Guys

Black Panther Knee Mens Tattoo Ideas

Here is a great example of a classic American Traditional design. Bold line work and dense color exemplify this style and both are on full display here. The yellow in the eyes and fangs pop against the dense black of the face and the use of negative space to highlight the contours in the Jaguar’s brow helps to add definition and contrast. The shading around the snout as well as on the tongue and in the mouth adds a layer of depth to this tattoo that is enhanced by the prominent placement on the knee. While there is no doubt that this tattoo was painful the striking design is worth the momentary discomfort.

Blue Wolf Knee Tattoos For Men

Bones Grenade Male Knee Tattoos

Colorful Tiger Knee Mens Tattoo Ideas

Cool Black Ink Outline Knee Wolf Tattoo On Male

Cool Lettering Knee Tattoos For Males

Cool Neo Traditional Knee Bat Tattoo For Men

Cool Spider Web Knee Tattoos With Black Ink For Men

Cowboy And Indian Knee Male Tattoos

Dagger With Lion Old School Male Knee Tattoos

Dotwork Demon Mens Knee Tattoos

Eye Spider Web Knee Tattoos For Men

This black and gray tattoo takes a classic design and reinvigorates it with bold placement and excellent workmanship. The spider web has been a prominent element in tattoo culture for decades, often seen on elbows and knees specifically. This classic design has held different significance over the years, some less than savory, however today it is just another popular design element. Here, the incorporation of an eye in the center with a tear falling twists a familiar concept to create a new and interesting design. The line work is precise and clean and the shading is excellent. The balance and consistency of the shading around each portion of the web as well as the use of negative space in the eye is a testament to the skill of the artist. The placement of the eye directly over the center of the knee also enhances the composition and makes good use of the body’s natural lines.

Floral Mens Knee Tattoo With Arrows

Flower With Chain Negative Space Knee Tattoos For Men

Flying Owl Mens Knee Tattoo New School Ideas

Gentleman With Abstract Knee Bear Tattoo Design

Gentleman With Old School Knee Skull And Tomahawk Tattoo Design

Geometric Gear Mens Dotwork Knee Tattoo Design Inspiration

Geometric Male Knee Pattern Tattoo Ideas

Geometric Pattern Male Knee Tattoos

Gorilla With Gas Mask Knee Tattoos For Men

Guys Black Ink Spider Web Knee Tattoo On Male

Guys Pattern Geometric Knee Tattoo Ideas

Guys Wolf All Seeing Eye Knee Tattoos

Indian Skull Knee Tattoos For Men

Lake With Mountains Guys Knee Tattoo

Lion With Arrows Knee Mens Tatotos

Male Wil Dotwork Mask Knee Tattoos

Male With Squid And Sailing Ship Knee Tattoo

Man With Bear Knee Tattoo Neo Traditional Design Ideas

Man With Demon Mask Knee Tattoo Design

Man With Indian Black Jaguar Knee Tattoo

Man With Pirate Knee Tattoo Design

Masculine Bold Knee Black Ink Guys Floral Tattoos

Masculine Mens Black Ink Shaded Knee Tattoos

Mens American Traditional Rose Flower Knee Tattoos

Mens Black Ink Spider Web Knee Tattoo Designs

Mens Colorful Knee Floral Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Decorative Knee Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Demon Mask Knee Tattoos

This striking design is a great example of traditional Japanese tattooing. The color saturation is well executed while the use of negative space for highlights and the line work are consistent and precise. The placement on the knee is also well thought out: the way the face follows the natural shape of the thigh above the knee and onto the upper shin works well. This placement also leaves plenty of room for continuing the design and incorporating other tattoos into a larger, comprehensive piece. This is a great tattoo that is a testament to the artist’s skill and the wearer’s dedication.

Mens Dotwork Knee Spiral Geometric Pattern Tattoo

Mens Floral Knee Tattoo With Colorful Ink Design

Mens Japanese Waves Knee Tattoo Ideas

Mens Knee Black Ink Negative Space Atom Tattoo Designs

Mens New School Anvil Knee Tattoo

Mens Sailor With Bear Knee Tattoo

Mens Skeleton Jaw With Teeth Knee Tattoo

Mens Solid Black Ink Cross Knee Tattoo

Mens Tiger And Black Panther Knee Tattoos

Mens Totem Pole Of Animals Knee Leg Sleeve Tatoto

Mens Traditional Knee Tattoo Design With Colorful Ink

Mens Wolf Knee Old School Tattoo Ideas

Native American Indian Knee Skull Male Tattoos

Nautical Star Knee Tattoo On Man

Nautical Star Male Knee Tattoo Designs

Neo Traditional Flower Knee Guys Tattoos

Here is great color design that incorporates different elements to create an interesting and unique tattoo. This neo-traditional piece takes cues from the classic designs of artists like Sailor Jerry and incorporates a more eclectic aesthetic. The bold lines and limited color palette is distinctly American traditional, but the spiral pattern of the center petals as well as the stylized line work in the gold leaves recall art nouveau designs. The line work is consistent and precise and the color is well applied; the subtle color gradation for highlights in the petals is an excellent touch. The blending of different styles and the prominent placement on the knee help make sure this tattoo will stand out from other roses in the bunch.

Old School Black Ink Outline Knee Snake Tattoo On Man

Old School Knee Tattoo Of Sailor And Jungle Cat On Man

Old School Mens Wolf Knee Tattoos

Outer Space Knee Tattoos For Men

Polynesian Tribal Knee Tattoos For Males

Realistic 3d Bone Knee Tattoo On Gentleman

Realistic Dinosaur Eye Mens 3d Knee Tattoos

Rose Flower Skull Knee Tattoos For Guys

Sailor Jerry Mens Bald Eagle With Rose Flower Knee Tattoo

Sailor Jerry Rose Flower Knee Tattoos For Guys

Ship Wheel Mens Outline Black Ink Knee Tattoos

Skull Shaded Grey And Black Knee Mens Tattoos

Small Simple Spiral Black Ink Lines Male Knee Tattoo

Spider And Web Knee Male Tattoos

Spider Web Tattoos On Mans Knees

Spiral Knee Mens Tattoo With Dripping Watercolor Design At Bottom

Tiger With Blue Eyes Mens Knee Tattoos

Traditional Knee Rose Flower Mens Black Ink Shaded Tattoo

Triangle Bones All Seeing Eye Guys Knee Tattoo

Unique Knee Wolf Tattoos For Men

Watercolor Eye Knee Male Tattoos

Word With Sword Male Knee Tattoos

Knee Tattoo FAQs

Do knee tattoos hurt?

Yes, all tattoos hurt. The knee is an interesting part of the body, however, and because of this anyone planning on getting ink should know what they are in for. The skin on the back of the knee is particularly sensitive due to the fact that it is unusually thin in comparison to other parts of the body. Thin skin means the nerves are closer to the surface and more readily transmit pain.

The top of the knee, on the other hand, has much thicker skin, some of the thickest on the body in fact. Because of this when being tattooed the ink has to be packed in deeper and harder, increasing the level of pain experienced. Long story short, getting a knee tattoo will hurt.

How to prepare for a knee tattoo

Getting a good night’s rest and properly hydrating is important for receiving any tattoo. The body handles pain and discomfort much better when it’s not under the added stress caused by a lack of sleep and poor hydration. Avoiding excessive alcohol and pain relievers 24 hours before the tattoo session is also a good rule of thumb.

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