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20 Sexy Thigh Tattoos for Women

Thigh Tattoos For Women

While the thighs aren’t a traditional tattoo placement for women, their ability to flatter feminine curves has made them incredibly popular over the last few years. Thigh tattoos draw attention to the legs and lower body and can be subtly seductive or bold and beautiful. Not only do your thighs provide one of the best areas for larger designs, but tattoos in this area are also low on the pain scale, and easily covered by clothes if needed. If you’re looking for some thigh tattoo inspiration, check out these beautiful ideas.

1. Back of Thigh Tattoo

A tattoo on the back of your thigh is a sexy option if you want to draw attention to your lower half. A peachy rear makes for the perfect complement to a thigh tattoo, especially if you love to wear shorts or a mini skirt. For a flattering look, ask your artist to follow the curve of your thigh when placing the tattoo, and choose a soft and feminine design – like a string of flowers – for a pretty and delicate result. Bear in mind that cellulite could impact the look of your thigh tattoo. Women with a lot of cellulite could try a side-of-thigh, hip, or front-of-thigh tattoo instead.

Back Of Thigh Tattoo

2. Front of Thigh Tattoo

The front of thigh tattoo placement has become very popular for women over the past two years. That’s because it is not only flattering and sexy but also offers a larger canvas for detailed designs. A floral tattoo that draws the eye vertically up your thigh can also make your leg appear slimmer. To accentuate your curves, even more, choose a design that extends up your hip. All eyes will be on you when bikini season begins.

Front Of Thigh Tattoo

3. Side Thigh Tattoo

While many women choose the side of their thigh for a large, bold tattoo, it’s also an ideal placement for a more minimal design. Whatever you choose, ensure the final result flatters your body’s natural shape when viewed in profile. You could choose a large floral design with shading that makes the most of your curves, or a linear tattoo that makes your legs seem longer.

Side Of Thigh Tattoo

4. Upper Thigh Tattoo

While many women choose larger thigh tattoos to make the most of the space, a small upper thigh tattoo is equally sexy. It creates a subtly sensual effect because it’s so intimate – it is usually not visible to other people. For someone to see it, they would have to be very close to your body. As a result, many women choose a specific tattoo design with personal meaning; some ideas include a name tattoo, star sign, or special symbols that only you understand.

Upper Thigh Tattoo

5. Hip and Thigh Tattoo

For women who want a bold and sexy tattoo that’s bound to get attention, a hip and thigh tattoo is a perfect choice. Larger and more detailed tattoos suit the hip and thigh placement. To complement your body shape, choose a design that incorporates curved lines, such as a snake, dragon, or swimming fish. Additionally, unlike horizontal tattoos, which can make your body seem wider, tattoos with a vertical axis draw the eye down. As a result, this part of your body seems slimmer.

Hip And Thigh Tattoo

6. Inner Thigh Tattoo

An inner thigh tattoo is a perfect sexy tattoo placement. That’s because it’s an intimate and private area of your body, meant only for certain eyes to see. Many women choose to get an empowering quote, special symbol, or a lover’s nickname inked on their inner thigh, as the tattoo becomes a personal secret that’s only theirs to share.

Inner Thigh Tattoo

7. Sexy Tattoo

Placing any tattoo on your thigh gives it a sensual vibe – the design itself doesn’t have to be raunchy or explicit. However, what is considered sexy depends on the individual. For those who like a classic sexy tattoo, a traditional pin-up girl or garter inking could be the perfect thigh tattoo choice. For others, a word tattoo is all that’s needed to make a tattoo sexy. It’s all about your personal preference and what you find attractive.

Sexy Tattoo

8. Rose Thigh Tattoo

When it comes to floral tattoos, roses are one of the most classic designs. They look beautiful at any size and suit most placements due to their soft petals. They are also a dramatic and meaningful tattoo, being associated with love and beauty. When choosing a rose thigh tattoo, you could opt for a large and photorealistic inking – or a tiny and delicate stylized rose. It’s a versatile flower that you can adapt to suit your style.

Rose Thigh Tattoo

9. Dream Catcher Tattoo on Thigh

The dream catcher is a meaningful symbol in some Native American cultures. Woven by women to protect children from nightmares and bad spirits, the dream catcher combines a hoop with a woven net, decorated with feathers. To many people today, the dreamcatcher represents safety and protection from harm. It’s also a way to honor Native American heritage. A dream catcher tattoo suits a thigh placement because there’s plenty of space to show off the delicate details and beauty of the design.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Thigh

10. Lion Thigh Tattoo

Lion tattoos are all about power and strength, confidence, dominance, and a bold and courageous personality. Those who believe in themselves and love to be the center of attention are often attracted to these tattoos. If that sounds like you, consider getting a lion for your next inking. Placing a lion tattoo on your thigh gives you plenty of options for the design, including a lion’s head, lion and flower combination, or a photorealistic lion.

Lion Thigh Tattoo

11. Small Tattoo

Delicate and feminine, small tattoos are trending this year. If you prefer a simple tattoo and don’t want to show off your body art every day, place your inking on your thigh. Shapes, words, and Roman numerals are all popular choices. Give your small thigh tattoo a quirky touch by having it done in colored ink instead of black.

Small Tattoo

12. Cute Tattoo

A thigh tattoo can be cute and sexy at the same time. A cute tattoo has a young and playful feel while still maintaining a feminine element. These tattoos are usually small and done in the cartoon style to add to the cute factor. A popular theme for these tattoos is food; ice cream cones, milkshakes, and fruit have all been trending recently.

Cute Tattoo

13. Dragon Tattoo

Like a snake tattoo, a dragon tattoo – particularly Chinese or Japanese style – looks great on your thigh because it has a long, curved body that can complement your curves. Dragons are also a sexy tattoo choice for women because they are associated with feminine energy in Eastern cultures. If you love the powerful symbolism of a dragon – or were born in the Year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology – consider it for your next inking.

Dragon Tattoo

14. Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflowers are a beautiful and symbolic floral tattoo choice, especially at the start of the New Year. That’s because they represent optimism, good luck, and health, as well as loyalty. Like other flowers, sunflowers are popular as a thigh tattoo because their shape complements a curvaceous lower half.

Sunflower Thigh Tattoo

15. Butterfly Tattoo

One of the classic tattoos for women, the butterfly represents transformation and new beginnings. The winged insect also has a spiritual meaning in Christianity. If you have changed a lot over the last year, your perfect 2020 tattoo could be a butterfly. Placing it on your thigh will give your artist plenty of space to create a detailed design with lots of movement in the wings.

Butterfly Tattoo

16. Tiger Thigh Tattoo

Fierce, strong, and passionate, a tiger tattoo is ideal for a woman with a fiery personality who loves to be in charge. Such a bold tattoo theme pairs perfectly with a sexy thigh placement. For best results, the body of the tiger should follow the curve of your hip and thigh. Tiger tattoos also combine well with other inkings like flowers, so you can give yours a unique twist by adding more details over time.

Tiger Thigh Tattoo

17. Bow Tattoo on Thigh

One very popular tattoo trend is matching bows on the back of the thighs. Women and girls traditionally wore bows and ribbons in their hair and on their clothes. As a result, these tattoos are associated with femininity and beauty. Placing the bow designs on the back of the thigh also mimics the look of garters or stockings, which often had ribbons and ties at this point. That makes them a sexy option for a tattoo.

Bow Tattoo On Thigh

18. Henna Tattoo

If you’re not entirely sure about your thigh tattoo – especially if you are getting a more substantial piece on your thigh – try having the design inked in henna first. Henna ink is plant-based, and the design is drawn onto the skin rather than being tattooed with a needle. As a result, henna tattoos are entirely painless and naturally fade over a few weeks. Henna tattoos are also an excellent option for holidays so that you can show off your new ‘ink’ in your bikini.

Henna Tattoo

19. Mandala Tattoo

The mandala is an ancient Buddhist symbol, representing divine harmony. Many women who practice yoga choose mandala tattoos. The design itself radiates outward with many circular elements, making it ideal for curved parts of the body like the thigh and hip. It can also be combined with a lotus flower and traditional Indian-style lines to create a subtle garter effect.

Mandala Tattoo

20. Snake Tattoo

Snakes are one of the most popular thigh tattoo designs for women. That’s because the lines of a snake’s body are curved, giving the tattoo a sexy feel. Snakes are also associated with female energy, transformation, mystery, and intelligence, which adds to their appeal. At the same time, snakes also represent temptation through the Biblical story of Eve.

Snake Tattoo

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