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60 Amazing Patchwork Tattoos, Designs And Ideas

The idea of patchwork tattoos originally came from quilting patterns where smaller pieces of fabric, often called patches, are sewn together. It’s the same concept for patchwork tattoos. Unlike traditional tattoos, these involve separate images to cover a body part, and these images do not have any fillers to connect them.

In recent days, patchwork tattoos are growing in popularity in the body art world.

In this article, we have collected over 50 patchwork tattoos, so you have an easier time designing your next tattoo.

Patchwork Tattoo Ideas

You can go with any placement your heart desires with patchwork-style tattoos. Here are some examples:

Patchwork Tattoos Arm

There are endless options to choose from when you are getting patchwork tattoos. Your patchwork tattoos do not have to extend along your entire sleeve. You can get a cluster of micro tattoos on the upper arm and build up slowly.

Patchwork Tattoos Forearm

As you are not continuing a specific tattoo style or theme, the forearm is excellent for patchwork tattoos. You can extend them on your hands or arms.

Patchwork Tattoos Leg

Rather than making a cohesive tattoo covering the entire body, find images you like and place them where they fit. If you are getting patchwork tattoos on your leg, you should consider getting them on the thigh and the calf area.

Patchwork Tattoos Full Sleeve

Compared to typical full sleeve tattoos, which usually blend into each other, you can place a patchwork tattoo anywhere it fits. They meant to breathe rather than be filled in with shading or connected by filler tattoos.

Patchwork Tattoos Back

When you are getting patchwork tattoos on your back and front, it comes down to your preference. Do you plan on having all your tattoos done in a similar style or color scheme? Planning is helpful depending on what you’re going for.

Patchwork Tattoos Chest & Front


There are lots of florals, words, and abstract designs seen in the patchwork tattoo style. Instead of getting heavy designs, you can add minimalist tattoos to give your arm or your body part that stickered look.

Various Patchwork Tattoos

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