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Top 63 Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

While it’s true the praying hands design holds significant meaning in most religious groups today, you might be surprised to know it actually means thank you in Japanese culture.

The iconic design has even been depicted by the German print-maker, Albrecht Durer in c. 1508. If you were to visit the Albertina museum in Vienna Austria, you could still see it today.

Now, while this style may be highly popular alongside things like Bible quotes, angels, crosses, or rosary beads, there’s more to it than just a purely religious meaning for some gentlemen.

The truth is, when two hands come together it is a symbol of a quiet physical body. In other words, by putting your hands together you are silencing your mind, hands, and physical body all at once for absolute peace and reflection.

For other men, it’s simply a way to honor and remember a lost family member, friend or relative. It can serve as a small reminder to hang onto hope and raise ourselves up during dark times of sorrow too.

Regardless of how you interrupt the meaning, surely you’ll enjoy these 70 praying hands tattoos for men. In this collection I’ve included everything from small, simple pieces of art to colossal body ink for plenty of masculine inspiration and ideas.

Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas

Abstract Pocket Watch Tattoo Of Praying Hands For Men On Arm

This realistic praying hands tattoo is an amazing art work in it’s own right that doubles as premier cover up for an old, ineffective tribal piece. The lines and wrinkles etched into the aged hands complement the stylish rosary and cleanly defined pocket watch. The use of black fuzz and solar system are effective fill effects allowing the new image to take on a stronger size and shape while completely eradicating any trace of the old ink.

Arm Cross With Praying Hands Tattoo For Men

A cool praying hands piece in black and gray. It uses darker shade work, but the outlines are thicker and more pronounced to mesh well with this effect. The artist’s use of negative space within the old school cross works well in opposition to the dark focal point.

Arm Guys Praying Hands With Wings Tattoo

Praying hands are often employed to symbolize the subject’s relationship with god and family. This traditional tattoo uses a variety of elements in this depiction of faith. The cursive script flows well and is easy to read inside the backing scroll below the delicately aged hands. Deploying a dove is an excellent style choice as it contrasts the black shading and overall darkness of the art work.

Arm Praying Hands And Rosary Tattoo For Males

This is a beautiful praying hands tattoo in the sketch artwork style. The shading is simple, but effectively works lighter gray scale and wrinkles of negative space. Clean, sharp black outline adds clarity to the image, while white ink highlights in the pendent and chain add strength to the cord and Christ’s countenance.

Back Of Arm Best Praying Hands Mens Tattoos

These praying hands form part of a Christian faith upper arm sleeve. The art opts for non traditional, rougher gray scale shading in forming excellent texture, while negative space flows into the piece from below the hands. It’s hard to tell from the image but the tattoo seems to extend into a full black and gray sleeve.

Back Of Shoulder Guys Praying Hands And Roses Tattoo

A nicely delivered back shoulder tattoo. As with the previous pieces on this list the work inks texture and detail into the hands with great skill. The roses are also nicely done here. One thing that could add depth and balance to the piece would be additional darker shading – there’s alternating sun rays behind the main image but they’re a little washy, and could do with building up.

Bicep Dove Tattoos Praying Hands For Men

Strong shading can make a great difference to the style and texture of your praying hands tattoo. The fantastic alternating stripes in the background here give the art a unique and interesting texture that plays well in opposition to the main image. Love the rosary beads too – the artist has fashioned a fresh pearl effect by finely balancing black ink and negative space.

Bicep Guys Praying Hands Tattoo With Rosary Beads

The emphasis on fine black line needle accentuated by small white ink hatches and negative space alt fill give these praying hands excellent clarity. Even the shadow on the image outskirts seems crisp and fresh. The rosary looks brilliant with strong lines and a cleverly etched wooden cross effect.

Bicep Praying Hands And Cross Tattoo For Men

The shade effects in this inner arm tattoo are well deployed, creating a natural barrier against other artwork while giving shape to the praying hands. The stylized rosary with the solid black Celtic Cross replacing the traditional Jesus at the bottom of the image also works well as a unique technical aspect.

Bicep Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas For Men

Meshing black fuzz and negative space are excellent technical bits of tattooing. The artist has produced solid praying hands, and looks to be finishing the work with a white highlighted outline to give it a vigorous pop from the skin.

Bicep Realistic Guys Praying Hands With Cross Tattoos

The fingers in this praying hands tattoo are thick, lined, and worn – they’re quite realistic and look good complemented by the rosary looped over. It’s a very dark tattoo stacked closely together. The piece could have been more vivid if the accompanying fill was a bit darker or used more variety in the shadow, as overall it tends to blend together into a mass of dark color.

Cool Mens Chest Praying Hand With Rosary Tattoos

This is a unique tattoo that almost gives the impression of two separate pieces. The upper part of the left chest offers traditional black and gray praying hands enveloped by roses. The rosary starts within this ink, however the beads drop down along unused skin to then depict an ornate cross surrounded by different shading styles of light and negative space.

Forearm Mens Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

Another well worked set of praying hands accompanying by the dove. Traditionally, a dove symbolizes God’s will, peace, and love, so are often important images linking works of faith such as praying hands, crosses, the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Forearm Mother Mary Mens Hands Praying Tattoo

A new wave take on the Virgin Mary with hands clasped in prayer. This work cleverly combines sketch style tattooing into the theme of faith. The Virgin’s facial features are a highlight of this art – they’re realistic and expertly crafted in black and gray.

Forearm Praying Hands Tattoo Design For Guys

Full Sleeve Guys Praying Hands Tattoo With Skull

Full Sleeve Masculine Mens Open Praying Hands Tattoo

Half Sleeve Angel Jesus Praying Hands Tattoo For Guys

Half Sleeve Mens Angel With Praying Hands And Sun Rays Tattoo

Half Sleeve Praying Hands With Roses Tattoo On Men

Half Sleeve Rose Flower And Praying Hands Cross Tattoos For Gentlemen

Hand Print Mens Praying Hands Tattoos With Red And Black Ink

Inner Forearm Cross Praying Hands Tattoo Designs For Men

Inner Forearm Ripped Skin Cross And Praying Hands Tattoo For Men

Lifelike Tattoos Of Praying Hands With Rosary For Guys On Bicep

Male Praying Hands Cross Tattoo With Clock On Outer Forearm

Manly Mens Praying Hands Tattoos For Men On Fingers

Man With Cross Tattoos With Praying Hands On Forearm

Mens Praying Hands With Rosary Tattoo Sleeve

Mens Tattoos Of Praying Hands On Upper Arm

Mother Mary Praying Hands Rosary Tattoo For Males On Arm

Old School Tattoos Male Hands Praying

Pray Hand Tattoos For Males On Back Of Head

Praying Hands Sleeve Tattoo On Man

Praying Hands Tattoo On Arm For Guys

Praying Hands Tattoo On Chest For Men

Praying Hands Tattoo With Clouds For Men On Shoulder

Praying Hands With Clouds Tattoo For Men On Bicep

Praying Hands With Cross Tattoo For Men On Back

Praying Hands With Roses Tattoo Designs For Guys In Red Ink

Praying Hand Tattoos Designs For Males On Rib Cage Side Of Body

Quote Male Tattoos Praying Hands Rosary

Realistic 3d Cross And Praying Hands Tattoos For Males With Candle Light Design

Realistic 3d Praying Hands Rosary Beads Tattoo For Men

Realistic Praying Hands With Rosary Tattoos For Men

Rib Cage Side Praying Hands And Cross Male Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Praying Hands With Rosary Tattoo Mens Designs

Skeleton Mens Praying Hands Tattoo On Neck

Skeleton Praying Hands Tattoo For Guys On Chest

Sleeve God Praying Hands Tattoos For Men

Sleeve Rose Flower Mens Praying Hand Tattoo

Small Praying Hands Tattoo For Males

Small Simple Abstract Guys Praying Hands Tattoos Ideas

Small Simple Praying Hand Tattoo Designs For Males

Sun Rays Arm Praying Hands Arm Tattoo For Men

Thigh Open Praying Hands Guys Tattoos

Upper Arm Guys Tattoos With Praying Hands

Upper Arm Mens Pray Hands Tattoo

Upper Arm Mens Tattoo Praying Hands With Clouds And Words

Wrist Praying Hands And Cross Tattoos For Men

Zombie Sword Praying Hands Mens Tattoo Chest

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