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Top 71 Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Chances are you’ve heard of full and half sleeves, but have you considered a quarter sleeve? It’s a great way to acquire an around the arm tattoo while still being discreet about it.

When it comes to sleeves there are three types every man should know:

The first being full, which means from shoulder to wrist. The second, half, which extends from the shoulder down to the elbow or slightly above it. And lastly, is what I’d like to talk about with you today, the quarter sleeve.

These tattoos start at the shoulder and stop at the mid bicep, or they can begin at the wrist and end at the middle of the forearm.

Aside from the smaller size what makes them truly unique is their discreet nature. You still get the enjoy the perks of ink that wraps its way all the way around your arm with a full background, alongside the perks of easily being able to cover them up with clothing.

Of course, as time progresses you can always add more ink to your arm. It’s a great way to avoid the grueling hours upon hours spent sitting in the chair while getting a full or even half sleeve done. Not to mention, you can stretch out your budget further too and slowly finance the tattoo of your dreams over a longer period of time.

To see what I mean just take a moment to explore these top 70 best quarter sleeve tattoo designs for men below. You’ll find everything from realistic styles to watercolor ink ideas and more.

Just keep in mind that I’ve also included a handful of styles that push the boundaries of a true quarter sleeve for the sake of inspiration. Perhaps you’ll find a piece and size that suits you considerably well.

3D Old Clock Tattoo For Men Quarter Sleeve

3D Triangles And Cubes Male Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

13 Ghoul Tattoo Guys Quarter Sleeve

Amazing Ship And Explorer Tattoo Quarter Sleeve Male

Awesome Grey Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Guys

Azure Blue Red Eye Tattoo Quarter Sleeves For Men

This is an incredible design that uses vibrant colors as well as a photorealistic depiction of an eye to produce a breathtaking tattoo. Immediately noticeable in this piece are the vivid color used to create a watercolor-like backdrop, blending different tones in a broad palette to great effect. Next, is the expertly applied eye that uses fine line work to create the small details, and a remarkable gradation of tones to create the highlights that give it such a realistic quality. This piece is a great example of what vivid colors can do for a tattoo in the hands of a master artist.

Best Tattoo Quarter Sleeve For Men

Black Circular Tattoo Guys Quarter Sleeve

Black Dragon With Spikes Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Black Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Traditional Maori and Polynesian tattoos are a gold-mine for quarter sleeve designs, and this is an excellent example of the style. This tattoo is impressive for the level of detail in the design: the fine line work within the larger pattern is incredibly consistent, creating the effect of patterns carved into wood. It is also notable how the well-planned, larger pattern is created using negative space, adding a layer of depth and a sense of movement that creates a more dynamic tattoo and draws the eye around the entire piece. All of these components work together to demonstrate the meticulous strategy and expert application that went into completing this eye-catching tattoo.

Buddha And Flower Quarter Sleeves Tattoo For Men

Building And Full Moon Tattoo Mens Quarter Sleeve

Colorful Rose Lin Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Guys

Cool Blue Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Guys

Crow And Red Indian Full Moon Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Men

Dark Black Pencil Design Guys Quarter Sleeve

Fantastic Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Males

Faraway Mountains And Pine Trees Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Male

Flying White Dove Quarter Sleeves Tattoo For Guys

Gear Skull Male Quarter Sleeves Tattoo

Grey Black Mens Quarter Sleeves Tattoo Of Dragon Badge

Guys Quarter Sleeve Fiery Burning Beast Tattoo

Here is a design that uses black and gray ink and an excellent, but limited, use of color to create a stunning dragon tattoo. The artist uses expert shading to capture the surface of the skin, creating a realistic texture that looks as if you could reach out and touch the rough scales on the dragon’s face. The shading in the fur at the snout is also well-applied and adds a layer of texture that increases the contrast and creates a more intricate tattoo. Finally, the use of reds and oranges to create the fire in the mouth and eyes of the dragon is impressive: the different shades and use of white highlights in the teeth create the impression of actual light glowing from this remarkable tattoo.

Guys Quarter Sleeves Black Tattoo For Guys

Guys Quarter Sleeves Tattoo Lovely Painting

Guy With Ship Tattoo On Quarter Sleeve

Guy With Skull And Rose Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

This piece eschews bright colors in favor of expert black and gray shading to create a dynamic tattoo. At the center of this quarter sleeve is a skull, expertly rendered through the use of consistent and smooth shading that spares no detail in the texture of the bone: notice the small pockmarks above the eyes and teeth as well as the crack between the eyes. The gradation of tones used to produce the level of realism in the roses is also excellent, perfectly creating the variation from saturated black all the way to the negative space highlights that allows the details in this piece to pop. Running from the top of the tattoo down through the eye of the skull is a negative space ribbon that is an interesting stylistic choice that helps draw the eye around the tattoo.

Hypnotism Black Swirls Tattoo Quarter Back For Guys

Impressive Black Grey Quarter Sleeve Tattto For Men

Lovely Black Tattoo Male Quarter Sleeves

Male Black Swirly Pattern Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Male Colored Criss Cross Lines Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Male Grey Clouds Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

This tattoo takes a common element in Japanese tattooing (clouds) and uses them to create the entire quarter sleeve. This piece is interesting in the way it strictly utilizes the clouds with very few accompanying features, and while this is uncommon it works quite well in this piece thanks to expert application and balanced composition. The line work that forms the outlines of the clouds is bold and consistent, creating the bones of this unique tattoo, while stipple shading is used to give the clouds depth and texture. The variation in the densities of the stipple work, from almost full saturation at the center of clouds to complete negative space at their edges, is expert and allows what could have been a boring design to stand out.

Male Lovely Black Quarter Sleeves Tattoo

Male Quarter Sleeves Red And Black Tattoo

Male Quarter Sleeve Universe Tattoo

Male Wonderful Black Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Man With Ethnic Idol Tattoo On Quarter Sleeves

Mens Attractive Geometric Patterns Tattoo Quarter Sleeves

Mens Black Gray Dragon Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Fantastic Black Tattoo Quarter Sleeves

Mens Grey Viking Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Jet Black Quarter Sleeves Tattoo

Mens Lovely Ship And Viking Tattoo Quarter Sleeves

Mens Marvellous Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

This is a gorgeous design and a great example of a quarter-sleeve that takes elements from Japanese tattooing and creates a stunning tattoo. The expert line work that is used in this piece is bold and consistent, creating an outline that lets the artist incorporate vibrant color without the worry of losing definition. The negative space used in the crashing waves and flowing water help to create a more dynamic tattoo that is sure to turn heads.

Mens Musical Notes White Dove Quarter Sleeve Tatoo

Mens Quarter Sleeve Blue And Green Tattoo

Mens Quarter Sleeves Beautiful Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Mens Quarter Sleeves Globe And Black Waves Tattoo

Mens Quarter Sleeves Japanese Blossoms Tattoo

Mens Quarter Sleeves Rose Skull Tattoo

Mens Skull Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Metallic Protection Guys Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Orange Sky And Tower Tattoo Male Quarter Sleeves

Oriental Monument Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Quarter Sleeves Mens Black Tattoo

Scary Deep Forest Path Tattoo Guys Quarter Sleeve

Sharp Eye Of Owl Mens Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

Super Artistic Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Males

Traditional Black Design Tattoo Quarter Sleeves Males

Warrior And Skull Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Quarter Sleeve Tattoo FAQ’s

How long does a quarter sleeve tattoo take?

How long a tattoo will take depends on a number of factors, most importantly the artist’s skill, speed, experience and the wearer’s threshold for pain. However, for a quarter sleeve, five to eight hours is a safe bet for a minimum time frame. Again this depends on how long someone can sit in the chair: if you tap out after four hours you may have to wait weeks before the artist is available to complete the design.

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