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Facial piercings AR Simulation Instagram Filter Facial piercings AR Simulation — Instagram Filter Review Published on Mar 27, 2019 | Filter name: “Piercing”

Filter creator: Nelson Rebolo (@nelzster01)

Another day, more amazing filters. Today I woke up, flicked through my list of Instagram filters and discover this amazing filter called “Piercing” by Nelson. This AR filter coming from the same talented 3D artist that made the magnificent Instagram Egyptian face mask that I reviewed just yesterday.

This filter is more like a piercing AR simulation (a product visualization) as it allows everyone who uses it, to see how they look with different piercing, including Lip, Bridge, Anti-eyebrow, Nose, Eyebrow, Septum, Medusa, LaMonroemonroe, and Dimple piercings. There aren’t any ear piercings, just facial piercings.

You won’t find any amazing effects and bright shiny reflective masks and stuff here, but this is a fantastic use case for a filter and not less inspiring and useful nonetheless.

Piercing AR simulation, Instagram filter

It’s easy to see how useful augmented reality is useful in this case, especially when we have this technology that allows precise placement of virtual content on the user’s face and maintain its position as the head moves. This helps create an authentic wearable experience and why it’s so useful to promote and simulate wearable products like glasses, earrings, hats, makeup, etc.

I haven’t had any earing nor I did any piercing in any part of the body in my entire life. But I had time that I did wonder how would I look with face piercing. Today it’s the first time in my life that I actually had a chance to try it out. I didn’t need to pierce any part of my body, just to tap on the areas that I want it to be placed, and boom—it’s there!

The cool things about this filter are that when you place on that marked areas icon at the bottom right, you have the option to see all of the available areas which you can place the piercings on. It is shown in little circles in that exact areas which piercings can be placed. All you need to do is just tap it and it’s there.

I did try to see if tongue piercing is available but nope. I don’t think that Spark AR can detect tongue movement, and if it is, I didn’t come across any Instagram filter that utilizes that. I’m sure if it was, I would come across by one. The only thing that I am aware of, is opening the mouth to trigger some sort of interaction or effect for the filter.

Two women with facial piercings

The experience worked flawlessly and I’m sure that this one will be very popular, as this allows people to showcase their new look to other people, so they can see how they look with those piercings on and get some feedback from the community. After all, if you do care about feedback, you wouldn’t mind sharing that because nothing is actually there, it’s all virtual. Maybe some people will be encouraged to make facial piercing after they tried this Instagram filter themselves and looked in the “Instamirror”, like what they see or got large positive feedback from the online community.

AR technology is already a big hit in the wearables industry and I see why not studios who do piercings (this can also include tattoos for obvious reasons), can have their own app, hire a 3D designer to create the 3D models of the jewelry that they offer to be pierced or just have that same general piercing simulation filter that can help promote their products and services. Of course, these type of businesses are usually local businesses, it’s not that you can get pierced online. Yet, this can be used to promote a piercing business (or any business that want to promote wearable products) locally and get local reach, have better engagement and higher conversions by promoting the filter on Instagram and Facebook.

Using Facebook Ads, you can promote the filter to a certain demographic and location and make sure your wearable AR filter reaches that audience.

I won’t get too much into the marketing stuff, but you clearly understand the great potential there and many companies do and already investing products and ideas related to wearable product simulations.

For all the things that I’ve mentioned here, you can clearly see why this particular Instagram custom filter is so inspiring and presents a good use case. I’m sure many people will try it out and want to get other people’s opinion about their new look and this can easily go viral if some celebrities decide to give it a go and show their “fake” new pierced look to their followers.

Overall, I am very impressed with this “Piercing” IG filter by Nelson, the co-founder of ‘The Pixel Chefs’ and can’t wait to see its future filters. This IG filter definitely earn its place in our WOW! filter list—Well done Nelson!

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