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110 Stunning Face Tattoos For Men And Women 2020

Face is the mirror of one’s personality and the basis of recognition of a person. When we think of ways of adorning the face, what comes to mind is makeup, but one of the most stunning ways of facial adornment is the face tattoos. Visually, these tattoos create an altogether stunning impact on the onlookers.

Primarily, facial tattoos were used in ancient tribes to mark a person as their members but these tattoos have slowly gained recognition as some celebrities have been spotted with them such as Lil Wayne, Mike Tyson, Wiz Khalifa. However, they still do not have a very positive reputation, with face tattoos mostly being associated with criminals, gangsters, and prisoners.

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Still, if you are only very committed to having this tattoo inked that you should opt for it because it is something that is going to be with you for a lifetime and it would not be wrong to expect every person to turn back and take a look at your face.

The fact that face is the most visible part of the body also must be kept in mind before having a tattoo inked on the face. It would be hard for you to conceal it even if you have to do so for a most crucial reason. Having a facial tattoo may actually close some doors for you, particularly in the professional world. When you decide that you must have a tattoo on the face, choose no one but the best to ink it for you because one wrong stroke can spoil the tattoo and your facial look along with it. it would not be easy to find an expert artist who is willing to do a facial tattoo because most of them will not take the job at hand because of its delicate and controversial nature.

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Table of Contents

  • The Coverage of Face Tattoos
  • Advantages to Expect from the Facial Tattoos
  • Face Tattoos and the Disadvantages they Bring
  • Famous Personalities With Tattoos On Face
  • Face Tattoo Design Ideas to Consider
  • Summary
  • Popular Images Of Face Tattoos

The Coverage of Face Tattoos

The big question now is how exactly wide is a face tattoo? Does it need to cover your entire face? Well actually, all the tattoos that are inked on your face can be considered face tattoos, no matter their sizes. If you want to have these tattoos, you can have a full facial tattoo, a semi-full, or a quarterly-covered face. It is all up to you to decide. If you think covering your entire face with tattoos may make you look dirty, then why not just consider a tattoo on your cheek, chin, and forehead and in any other portions of your face. Just see to it that you go for a design that will emphasize your beautiful facial features.

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Advantages to Expect from the Facial Tattoos

If you are one of those close-mind individuals who keep on thinking that these tattoos cannot do good on you, then it is the perfect time to change your mind. You might not know it, but tattoos on the face can be very advantages on your part. In fact, you might immediately go for a facial tattoo after knowing these breathtaking advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Extremely Unique – One amazing thing about this tattoo is the fact that it is unique in nature. It is simply because only very few of people will dare to have these tattoos. If you want to look different without losing that gorgeous face of yours, then these tattoos can surely do the thing.
  • Exciting – Yes, having this tattoo is one of the most exciting things that you may try in your own boring life. The fact that there are still a lot of people who are not tattoo-oriented, and the fact that you don’t know the reactions of the people surrounding you when seeing your tattoo on face, this certainly makes it very exciting.
  • You can be able to express your inner thoughts with a tattoo on the face. These tattoos are not just for aesthetic purposes. Some people go for these tattoos since it is just through these tattoos that they can express what they are inside. Since these are very visible, every single person surrounding you will certainly grasp the message that you want to convey.

Face Tattoos and the Disadvantages they Bring

Needless to say, having tattoos on the face can also be extremely disadvantageous on your part. You might not like these advantages, which is why you need to take it much time before deciding to have facial tattoos. Here are some of these disadvantages:

  • Other people may think you are a criminal. Well, they might think this way since tattoos are known to be symbols of criminal people. In other words, there are many criminals who get tattooed, especially on their faces. But as long as you have a good heart and you know that you are not a criminal, then there is no reason for you to be afraid.
  • More Painful – When compared to some other body parts, getting tattooed on the face may be too painful for you to handle. It is simply because the face is packed with a lot of nerves because many vital organs are located here.

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Famous Personalities With Tattoos On Face

Here are some names of those famous personalities in the world who embrace the fact that face tattoos are gorgeous adornments on the human body:

  • Wiz Khalifa – This American recording artist has several body tattoos, including a star tattoo on his face.
  • Birdman – His real name is Bryan Williams, and he’s a famous rapper who gets tattooed on his face with several designs.
  • Cee Lo Green – This famous American rapper, actor, songwriter, and record producer has a small cross tattoo located under his left eye. He even has a rose tattoo above his left ear.

Face Tattoo Design Ideas to Consider

The ideas when it comes to facial tattoo designs are definitely endless. Anything you want is possible, as long as your chosen professional tattoo artist can make what you want into reality. Here are some of the worth-considering face tattoo design ideas that you should know:

  • Sacred Geometric Designs – Such idea is something that you should consider if having a tattoo on the face for you have something to do with your religion. In fact, a lot of historians confirmed that tattoos on the face were already used by the ancient people in showing their strong religious beliefs.
  • Crowded Tattooed Face – Many people in the world go all out by going for this particular facial tattoo design idea. Almost nothing more spaces that can be tattooed here. You might think that it will be quite messy, but it won’t. It will now rely on the expert hands of your tattoo artist.
  • Chin Tattoo Ideas – This tattoo design idea already existed even in the ancient times. Chin tattoos were integral parts of numerous cultures in the world. The Maori tribe was known to be the perfect examples of this facial idea.
  • Dotwork Face Design– This tattoo idea is one of the organized ones, which can give you a gorgeous looking tattoo. In other words, there is no way it can be messy on your face. This is the main reason why many prefer having dot work designs. But the thing is, this one requires plenty of skills from the tattoo artist.
  • Tribal Designs – They are the most preferred ones for facial tattoos as this is where the roots of these tattoos lie because they were primarily used by tribes to distinguish their members. Maori tattoos are most common as tribal face tattoos.
  • Others Designs Facial Area – Some other designs which can be featured on the face are small arrows, mandalas, and small flowers.


Face tattoos really require a considerable amount of confidence and bravery on the wearers. Hence, before going for these tattoos, make sure that you are mentally prepared for having them on your body.

Getting a facial tattoo is a matter of big commitment and dedication and only the daring can take up the challenge. As you get a tattoo on face, you should be prepared to face negative reactions of people, which will come in abundance. You will have to convince and justify getting the tattoo and this has to be done not only to the rest of the world but also your loved ones.

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More so, people can be very open about their disapproval and you may find hard to cope with their attitude. It is better to keep an open mind and be prepared to face all this after you get the tattoo. Weigh the benefits and disadvantages carefully before taking the plunge because it can be a life-changing decision, which you may even regret later on once reactions start flooding in. Trust a reputed tattoo artist who is very serious and hygienic about his work and has no reservations about handling something as delicate as face tattoos. Facial tattoos are not everybody’s cup of tea, because they are meant for only the ones who are bold enough to stand strong in criticism and disapproving glances.

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